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Tomato, Potato…Petunia?

I plant a variety of Petunias in flower pots in the Spring so I can enjoy their colors all summer long.  Here are some of the colors I planted:

According to Wikipedia, the petunia plant is described as, “Herbaceous, generally hairy, and the flowers are funnel-shaped, with petals joined together.”

The photo below on the left shows a close-up of its hairy appearance from the flower on the right:

So I clipped a few blossoms from the plant below:

And did a quick sketch in my art journal with a black micron pen and painted it in watercolors, layering the colors to create depth, as you see in my photo on the left.  On the right photo, I did another version and tried to paint looser without a sketch:

I think I like the painting on the right best.  What do you think?

Happy Painting!  🙂