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A Picasso Bird

Carla Sonheim shared how to make Picasso Dogs that were 3-dimensional in her free summer art camp for kids this summer.  If you missed it, please check out Carla’s online classes at CarlaSonheim.com

I decided to try my hand at a Picasso bird yesterday…

I have it folded into a mini book, below is the front and back:

A bird released:


The unveiling…



Can you find the 2 eyes, 2 wings, 2 feet and a beak?





How about now?


Standing on the table, viewing both sides at once:



Top view with shadows!


And a surprise message on its wing for you:


HAPPY Weird Bird Wednesday!

May your day unfold with JOY!

Cheers! 🙂


Woman In The Window

I learned a lot when I tried to copy master artist, Picasso.  How does he draw shapes? Where does he place color?  How does he draw eyes?

I used Neocolors (water soluble crayons) over a pencil sketch of my rendition of this Picasso painting called,  Woman In The Window that I found on Pinterest:


I encourage you to “copy” a Master artist’s original work for your own learning.  It may surprise you!

Cheers! 🙂

More Picasso Inspired Faces

I love the abstraction in Picasso’s faces.  It continues to inspire me for the 100 day project on Instagram.

The one below,  I used color pencils for color and patterns – I was feeling tired when I created it:


And Neocolors II for this one – I used a Picasso drawing from Pinterest for inspiration:


I like Picasso’s use of bright colors and his abstraction in his faces.  Pinterest is an excellent source for his artwork.

Happy Weekend!  Cheers!  🙂

Picasso Inspired Face

I was inspired by Picasso to create this face:


I studied several photos of Picasso before I drew a sketch in pencil.  I colored my sections with oil pastels, using two different colors on top of each other.  Next, I scratched into the oil pastels with the end of a mechanical pencil to create the patterns.

I finished it by cutting out the face with scissors.  Oil pastels are a bit messy but I had fun experimenting!

It reminds me of one of my doodles…

Cheers! 🙂

Positively Picasso Portraits

Remember Cyndi Lauper’s song, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun?”  Well, I have to say that I had FUN yesterday creating several zany portraits – Picasso style!

I started by finding four different reference photos of faces in a magazine or newspaper for each portrait.  I chose to use soft vine charcoal but you could use any drawing material.

Using my first photo, I drew the person’s head shape and hair in my sketchbook.  I added the eyes and nose from the second photo.  From the third photo, the mouth and referencing the forth photo for the hands.

For this portrait, I used Cyndi Lauper’s head shape and hair and Bob Costas hand.  The other features were from people I didn’t know in a magazine.


I exaggerated the ears and hair a little…  This is the FUN part!  You don’t have to make the features all the same size or symmetrical like Picasso often did in his portraits.  And by smearing the charcoal I added some value to the faces which made them more interesting.

I had fun with the man’s glasses and his hands in this one:


And this last one is my favorite – I had fun with her eyelashes and hands:


I learned this exercise from Carla Sonheim.  I hope you give it a try too.  🙂

Happy Drawing!!!  😉

Blue Rain

Grab your umbrella, friends!

I was trying a new technique with one of Picasso’s blue period paintings…


But this lady looks like she was caught in an unexpected downpour of blue rain!

Some days I just have to laugh!  😉

Happy Puddle Jumping!

Is It A Bird?

I had so much fun making my Picasso dogs (see yesterday’s post) that I decided to try making some Picasso birds!  I created these in color pencils and a black marker.

My first one is doing the yoga pose, “Bird of Paradise!”  LOL!

picasso bird in yoga pose

The fun part about making these is you never know what you are going to get!

The “Frowning Frout” appeared out of nowhere!  I used a gelli-print for his nose:

picasso bird - the frowning frout

And my last one looks like a chicken:

picasso bird - chicken

That is if chickens could fly!  LOL!

Hope these make you smile today!  🙂

Go Spot, Go!

I learned how to create these “Picasso Dogs” in Carla Sonheim’s FREE online art classes for kids last week.  (It isn’t too late to sign up if you want to have some FUN!)

My first one looks like a dog on the go:

picasso dog on the move

I created it with Inktense Blocks and a black marker.

My second dog, needs a drink of water:

picasso dog drooling

He looks part raccoon…LOL!

And my third one started as a dog:

picasso toy mouse or bunny

And turned into a toy mouse or bunny on wheels!

I created the last one in crayon resist with watercolor.

These are fun to create with kids or if you are a kid at heart like I am, you will enjoy making these silly animals.

Happy Creating!  🙂