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Feeling Fallish At The Lake

It started feeling a little like fall this last weekend at the lake.  Saturday was super hot with temperatures in the 90’s but Sunday, we finally got some rain!  Hoorah!!  We have been without rain for almost 45 days and it has been so hot and dry.  We need more precipitation but at least this helped clear away some smoke from wild fires our area.

There was a big drop in air temperature – almost 25 degrees.  We went swimming and I think the water was warmer than the 65 degree Fahrenheit air. 😉

When I think of fall, I think of golden yellow like this Common Tansy that seemed to be in bloom everywhere:


And the color, brown like some of these leaves on this apple tree.   The deer will be eating their fill on them soon.  This single daisy in this photo on the right, seemed to be waving goodbye to summer!

Pearly Everlasting flowers were in bloom – these make excellent dried bouquets!


And other leaves were starting to change to their golden yellow foliage:


I discovered a rare patch of wild raspberries – oh, so sweet!  The end of summer fruit.  I hope to paint them in my nature journal soon.  🙂


I don’t know the name of these white berries… possibly they are snowberries?  I know they aren’t edible:


Snowberries are members of the honeysuckle family and start appearing in late summer.

How do you notice the change of seasons in fall?  What is your favorite season?  I hope you share it with me!  🍂

Cheers! 🙂

The Eastern Wahoo Bird

I was recently inspired by Teresa Robeson at One Good Thing, who spoke about the Eastern Wahoo for National Arbor Day.  The name of this plant, also known as a Burning Bush – just sounded like one of my imaginary birds to me!

So here is my imaginary bird, the Eastern Wahoo:


I discovered on Wikipedia that the fruit of this specie has also been called, “Hearts Burning with Love,” therefore I added a few hearts to my female bird.

After learning from Teresa that some species of this plant is invasive, I decided to include a Western Wahoo – a bad boy bird of the west:


I hope my two weird birds gave you a smile today!  🙂

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!!