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Where Everyone Hugs…

One of my favorite poems is by Shel SilversteinHug O’War:


If you memorized a poem, what would you choose?

Cheers! ❤️

The Old Neighborhood – Part 2

Do you remember my story of Ellen that previously posted here?


Today I want to  finish my story with a little poem – thank you everyone who helped me complete my story!

What DID Ellen see?!  Here is her response:

Did I see a little green man?


Or maybe a miniature unicorn on the corner stand?

A Super Mouse doll?  Oh, so grand!!!

Or perhaps a big hairy spider with two sharp fangs?


A little dancing statue that looks brand new –

Is that the god of Vishnu?  I have no clue…

A rather noisy Parrot, who keeps saying, “Moo?”

Or maybe a rare Hairy Bird, stuffed and glued?!


Is it Waldo, smiling over at me?

Did I FINALLY find him?!  Oh, no!  This cannot be!


I realize now as I sit here with glee…

What I saw in the corner was just a reflection of me!


Hope you enjoyed my story!

Happy Creating!!!  😊🎨💜

A Collage of Sorts

My hubby and I had an AWESOME summer at the lake!  We closed up this weekend for the season and brought everything home.

In between MANY loads of laundry, I wrote a poem and finished it with this collage below:

laundry collage - finish

Beach towels and bath towels,                                                                                 A growing mountain, oh my!                                                                                      I exhale in one very, very LOUD sigh!

Shorts and sweat pants –                                                                                         For hot and cold days…                                                                                          Can I go outside now and just play?!

Swimsuits and bike shorts –                                                                                     To retire for the season,                                                                                              I feel a bit blue now for some silly reason.

Jackets and sweatshirts –                                                                                     We’ll wear this fall,                                                                                                  The piles are spreading out into the hall!

Blankets and bed sheets –                                                                                         To wash and store away,                                                                               Thankful for their warmth, I do have to say!

Undies and socks –                                                                                                         And T-shirts so numerous…                                                                                       If this was a joke, it would be rather humorous!

Old blue jeans –                                                                                                    Comfy and worn,                                                                                                         A little mending for the ones that are torn.

Dress shirts and slacks –                                                                                       Work clothes we wear,                                                                                        These sometimes take a little extra care.

Jammies and night shirts –                                                                                           I think I’m about done,                                                                                                 I hope you enjoyed my laundry day fun!

Happy Creating!  :-)))


A Path In The Woods – 1 of 3 Posts

I took some amazing photos this weekend by a creek that I’d like to share with you.  I have written a poem that I am dividing into 3 posts.  I hope you enjoy!

I walked the path today:

a path in the woods

You know the one…

In the woods:

the woods

By the creek:

granite creek

Where the Cedar trees grow:

amazing cedar tree

And moss covers the rocks like a plush green carpet:

moss covered rocks

My next post for my poem will continue on Wednesday!

May my photos give you peace like a walk in the woods brings me…

A Spider’s Web

I discovered this spider in its handiwork recently because the sun was illuminating it.  I am always amazed how they weave their webs.  They are a work of art!

spider in its web

I found this poem by Jonathan Platt on the internet that I enjoyed:

Silk-thin silver strings woven cleverly into a lair,
An intricate entwining of divinest thread…
Like strands of magic worked upon the air,
The spider spins his enchanted web –
His home so eerily, spiraling spreads.

His gossamer so rigid, yet lighter than mist,
And like an eight-legged sorcerer – a wizard blest,
His lace, like a spell, he conjures and knits;
I witnessed such wild ingenuity wrought and finessed,
Watching the spider weave a dream from his web.

Happy Saturday!  🙂

A Ledger of Color

Several years ago, I purchased this old ledger at a thrift store:

Hard covered ledger book

I thought it would be the perfect art journal!

So I started a color journal.  Here are some of my papers I have created:

Green & Yellow dye print

The above print I made using a dye and salt technique with leaves at the lake.  I also attached a photo I took.  I love the greens and yellow.

Here is another green and yellow one.  This one uses a photo, a piece of mica and some papers I purchased:

photo of thimbleberries

I love the shades of orange in this one:

orange nature print

I thought the paint color sample was a good match!

Wild strawberries were my inspiration for the color red:

wild strawberry red

And I liked the multi colors of this one:

colorful fairy print

It says:  The woods are full of fairies, The trees are all alive; The river overflows with them, See how they dip and dive!  (Author Unknown)

I hope to continue adding to my color journal this week at the lake.  I am bringing my watercolors and acrylic paints with me.

Have you ever created a color journal?  I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Creating!  🙂

Happy Independence Day!

Fireworks painting

Hoorah Hoorah for the red, white and blue!                                                                 Fireworks explode into the night sky anew,                                                                      Our freedom worth celebrating together with you,                                                     Thank you dear veterans for serving our country so true!

Happy 4th of July, my American friends!

Balloon Cats

Painting random blobs in watercolor and then creating a cat from the shape is really fun!  These looked like balloons to me.  Kind of like the ones in Macy’s Thanksgiving parade:

blob kitty - 3

I learned how to make these blob cats from Carla Sonheim.

Here are some cats with an extra spring in their step:

blob kitty - 2

And a couple of calico cats:

Blob kitty - 1

I suggest you give these a try!  They will certainly make you smile!  🙂

These silly cats remind me of a poem by Shel Silverstein:

I will not play at tug o’ war.                                                                                              I’d rather play at hug o’ war,                                                                                     Where everyone hugs                                                                                                Instead of tugs,                                                                                                             Where everyone giggles                                                                                                   And rolls on the rug,                                                                                                    Where everyone kisses,                                                                                                  And everyone grins,                                                                                                         And everyone cuddles,                                                                                                     And everyone wins.

When was the last time you giggled?  🙂

Happy Creating!


As I was painting trees yesterday in watercolor and gouache:

trees in watercolor and gouache

I was reminded of the poem –

Trees by (Alfred) Joyce Kilmer:

I think I shall never see                                                                                                       A poem lovely as a tree.

A tree whose hungry mouth is prest                                                                       Against the earth’s sweet flowing breast;

A tree that looks at God all day,                                                                                    And lifts her leafy arms to pray;

A tree that may in Summer wear                                                                                      A nest of robins in her hair;

Upon whose bosom snow has lain;                                                                              Who intimately lives with rain.

Poems are made by fools like me,                                                                                 But only God can make a tree.

my favorite tree

Happy Creating!

A Tree House?

I was taking photos with my camera this weekend and stumbled upon these fairy dwellings…

fairy tree dwelling 2

At least it LOOKED like a fairy could make their home in one of these trees!

fairy tree dwelling 3

Many generations of fairies –  old and young could be living in the twisted roots of the above trees.

a tree for a fairy 1

One never knows where they could be hiding – just out of sight!

So I decided to create a collage of what a fairy home might look like:

View 4 paper collage about fairies

And here is a poem I wrote to go with it:

View 4 without a door                                                                                                        By the tree, don’t you see?                                                                                                  A fancy ledge by the edge –                                                                                              It’s a swing of a sling!

Do you think – with a wink,                                                                                            The fairies go – yes, you know!                                                                                        To lay and gaze at stars ablaze,                                                                                      The Milky Way, light years away?

I wonder how you see it now –                                                                                       The magic here with eyes so clear?                                                                                   Could it be, the fairies wee                                                                                           Gave you a view – 4 you so few?

Note:  I started my collage with the scrap of sewing pattern tissue, “View 4” as my inspiration for this collage.  It got me thinking about a room with a view.  And then I just played with this idea.  This is what magically appeared!  🙂

I challenge you to start with a scrap piece of paper and create a collage from it!  Let your imagination play!

Wishing you a magical day!