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Mr. Rabbit, Mr. Rabbit

I created this mixed media collage last year when I took Lynn Whipple’s online class called, “The Joy of Collage.”

Mr Rabbit collage

I had so much FUN!  If you’d like to try collage, I’d suggest her class.  She is repeating it, starting June 9.  Here is the link.

I wrote this little poem to go with the bunny photos I took this weekend at the lake.

Bunny pic 1

Mr. Rabbit, Mr. Rabbit                                                                                                   How are you today?                                                                                                       Your ears are kind of floppy,                                                                                         Your fur a little gray.

Bunny pic 2

Your tail is extra fluffy                                                                                                 When you hop about and play.                                                                                    Your nose a little funny,                                                                                                      It twitching constantly.

Bunny pic 4

Mr. Rabbit, Mr. Rabbit                                                                                                  Time to hurry on your way –                                                                                             It’s been nice to chat with you,                                                                                        But I know you cannot stay.

Bunny pic 3 - leaving

Hoppy Creating!

Hippity-Hop The Robin Goes…

There has been a male Robin singing loudly outside my window in the evenings, trying to attract a female.  I don’t usually pay much attention to the American Robin because they are so common in my area.

His loud cheery song prompted me to create this collage last night:

My Robin in paper collage

I looked at a photo of a real bird, a Robin and pasted a variety of papers together to create this bird.  I like his red breast, don’t you?

I often see Robins in our yard with their head cocked to one side, staring motionless at the ground, waiting for a worm.  Robins eat large numbers of earthworms in the spring and summer as well as insects and some snails.

Robins also eat an enormous variety of fruits.  In the late winter and early Spring, I see Robins eating the crabapples on our backyard tree.  I took a photo today of our crabapple tree in full bloom – so glorious!

The crabapple tree in bloom

I like the poem from this old book:

old book

Hippity-hop the Robin goes,                                                                                 Skipping along on his dainty toes,                                                                                   Pulling up worms with hearty tugs,                                                                        Chasing and catching unwary bugs;                                                                              He has a lovely bright red breast,                                                                                       I think I love the Robin best.

May the cheery song of a Robin brighten your day!

Happy Creating!

Oodles of Doodles

I thought you may enjoy a little silliness on a Saturday!

There once was a girl from Spoodle                                                                             Who loved to sit and doodle                                                                                           For hours on end                                                                                                            She’d sit with a pen                                                                                                      While eating a bowl of noodles!

Now here is my illustrated version:

Girl from Spoodle

Do you like to doodle like me?  Then you may be interested in taking an online art class with Diane Culhane that starts April 21st.  For a short video and info:


Last night I took one of my gelli-prints:

gelli-print before doodle

And looked for images in it to create a doodle:

Doodle on gelli-print

I also like to doodle while watching TV.  This is one I started the other night:

TV watching doodles

I find it very relaxing to draw patterns with a black pen.  I get some of my ideas from Zentangles.  I also like to look at the patterns and shapes around me.  Below is my progress I’ve made on this doodle:

Black pen Doodle - progress

Can you find the dragonfly, 2 birds, a spider and its web and a caterpillar?

Have a fabulous day!