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Positively Picasso Portraits

Remember Cyndi Lauper’s song, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun?”  Well, I have to say that I had FUN yesterday creating several zany portraits – Picasso style!

I started by finding four different reference photos of faces in a magazine or newspaper for each portrait.  I chose to use soft vine charcoal but you could use any drawing material.

Using my first photo, I drew the person’s head shape and hair in my sketchbook.  I added the eyes and nose from the second photo.  From the third photo, the mouth and referencing the forth photo for the hands.

For this portrait, I used Cyndi Lauper’s head shape and hair and Bob Costas hand.  The other features were from people I didn’t know in a magazine.


I exaggerated the ears and hair a little…  This is the FUN part!  You don’t have to make the features all the same size or symmetrical like Picasso often did in his portraits.  And by smearing the charcoal I added some value to the faces which made them more interesting.

I had fun with the man’s glasses and his hands in this one:


And this last one is my favorite – I had fun with her eyelashes and hands:


I learned this exercise from Carla Sonheim.  I hope you give it a try too.  🙂

Happy Drawing!!!  😉

Modigliani Portraits

Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani created unique portraits that had elongated faces and figures.  If you have never heard of this artist, I would highly recommend that you google him.  His style is very interesting!

When I took Carla Sonheim’s FREE Kid’s Art Week online class, one of our assignments this summer was to create a portrait in Modigliani’s style.

I did not have time to complete the assignment until now.  (BTW – This is what is wonderful about online art classes!)

I decided to choose my niece and nephew for my subjects.

Here is my nephew who loves to play tennis!  So I had to add a tennis racket to his portrait.  🙂

JD Modigliani style

And here is the reference photo I used.  He is 15 years old:

JD at 15

My niece loves her cat:

Angie Modigliani portrait

So I included a photo of her kitty with her portrait.

Here she is at 16 years of age:

Angie at 17

I enjoyed creating these Modigliani Portraits with Tombow markers.

Happy Creating!  🙂