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Painter’s Tape?

Many of you know how much I enjoy experimenting in art.  Sometimes I just need an idea that sparks my creativity.

Blue tape, recently sparked my imagination.  The tape is also called “Painters Tape” as it’s used to cover up baseboards and such when painting your house.

Carla Sonheim has demonstrated this method in several of her online classes but I decided to take it a step further last weekend.  I thought you might enjoy seeing my steps of exploration!!  Maybe it will spark a creative experiment of your own!  🙂

My first step was to tear the tape into uneven pieces and place them on my paper – I used 140 lb hot press watercolor paper (good quality paper helps to remove the tape without tearing the paper).


I created my face from my imagination.  I had drawn 29 faces for 29 days (Actually I have drawn MANY more faces but I only posted that many on Instagram at the time).

Next, I added oil pastels and some pan pastels:


I removed the tape to reveal my face:


It reminded me of a mask so I decided to add a few doodles to fill in the spaces:


I added watercolor over the doodles because it just seemed like it needed a little something!


Here is a beginning and end photo next to each other:


Super fun to play with negative and positive shapes!

Cheers! 🙂

Little Me – Painting BIG

I have been working on a large acrylic painting of me as a child playing in the sand on the beach – here is the completed painting:

Little me on beach acrylic painting completed

I started my painting by covering a 20 x 30 inch illustration board with gesso.  After it dried, I sketched my image from an old photograph with vine charcoal:

Beginning sketch of me on beach

As part of the online class, “Year of the Spark,” Carla Sonheim instructed us to try sketching ourselves from a photograph in several different ways – one of them being eyes closed!  Eeek!

After choosing a favorite sketch, (with my eyes open), I started dry brushing Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylics by filling in sections of my painting with different colors.  Much like coloring as a child:

first layer of paint of me

I wasn’t really happy with the colors I chose, so I let my painting sit for about a week.

Yesterday, I decided to add some Golden Fluid acrylic paint with my 5 x 7 inch Gelli Plate.  Using my Gelli plate like a large stamp, I stamped colors and patterns over my painting:

gelli print added - better photo

I started liking my painting better.  I then added more layers of acrylics with a dry brush – adding details to little me and bringing a cohesive feeling to my background:

acrylic paintin of me - almost complete

I added the beach ball – even though it wasn’t in my photo!

I wasn’t almost done but after taking a photo of it, I realized I needed to ground myself in the painting.  So I added some rocks by stamping a sponge and bubble wrap in paint:

Little me on beach acrylic painting completed

I was happy to get it done.  I’m not sure it really looks like me:

old photo of me for painting

But that’s OK.  I learned that painting BIG is a lot of work!  Not sure it’s my thing.  Creating is a process of filtering out what I enjoy and don’t in art.  This one is definitely in the later category!  LOL!

Happy Creating!  🙂