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Mr. Rabbit, Mr. Rabbit

I created this mixed media collage last year when I took Lynn Whipple’s online class called, “The Joy of Collage.”

Mr Rabbit collage

I had so much FUN!  If you’d like to try collage, I’d suggest her class.  She is repeating it, starting June 9.  Here is the link.

I wrote this little poem to go with the bunny photos I took this weekend at the lake.

Bunny pic 1

Mr. Rabbit, Mr. Rabbit                                                                                                   How are you today?                                                                                                       Your ears are kind of floppy,                                                                                         Your fur a little gray.

Bunny pic 2

Your tail is extra fluffy                                                                                                 When you hop about and play.                                                                                    Your nose a little funny,                                                                                                      It twitching constantly.

Bunny pic 4

Mr. Rabbit, Mr. Rabbit                                                                                                  Time to hurry on your way –                                                                                             It’s been nice to chat with you,                                                                                        But I know you cannot stay.

Bunny pic 3 - leaving

Hoppy Creating!