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Raining Fish

Well, it isn’t exactly raining fish but we FINALLY got some rain last night!  YAY!!

I took this photo of a dark cloud from my deck last evening with promise of more rain:


I thought you may enjoy seeing my “fresh catch of creative fish” that I have posted on Instagram recently:


I have been trying different art mediums – the shadows were an unexpected surprise in this one:


And I’m enjoying mixing in some humor:


Trying my hand at watercolor in my art journal:


And creating a silly paper collage:


Hope you enjoyed seeing my variety of fish that were on the menu this last week!

Cheers! 🙂

The Puddle-Jumper

Perhaps you have seen this bird lately in your neighborhood?


Around here it means that Spring is just around the corner…

Time to put on your galoshes and jump some puddles!!

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!

Cheers!  🙂

P.S. Do you see any animals in the puddles or clouds?

Cloudy Weather

I created this yesterday in my art journal with a new technique I learned from Carla Sonheim.  It says, “Cloudy with a chance of rainbows.” 🌈


I used watercolor paint and a scraper to create this rainbow effect. I added my own touch with some gelli-printed deli paper clouds at the top of the page with a glue stick.

Our cloudy weather is producing lots of snow in the Pacific Northwest!

Happy Monday!  🙂

Precious Puddles

It FINALLY rained this weekend!  In case you haven’t heard on the news, the Pacific Northwest is raging in wildfires!

We are hoping the rain today and (hopefully) during the week and the cooler weather – will help ease the work of firefighters in our area and stop the destruction.  The smoke has been so bad, it has been difficult to breathe the air or see the mountains!  So today I took these photos after the rain at the lake to share with you….

Grab you raincoat and your boots and let’s jump in some puddles!

puddle in road

A daisy for your thoughts:

daisy under fence post

A fall leaf floating in a puddle:

gold leaf in puddle

Burnt tree bark from area fires on the beach:

burnt bark on beach

Storm clouds over the lake:

rain clouds over the lake

We continue to pray for rain!

Thanks for taking a walk with me and splashing in some puddles!

Happy Monday!  🙂

When Life Gives You Rain…

Merry Bird’s Adventure continues…

Merry Bird woke to a gentle rain.  She jumped down from the tree branch she had been resting on and grabbed her umbrella.

Merry with umbrella

As she started on her journey, the rain began to pour from the clouds like water from a faucet.  She did not want to get her pretty boots muddy from the gritty dirt so she took refuge under the leaves of a large oak tree.

Merry saw the Australian Puddle-Jumper, (PJ for short) jumping over a puddle as he approached her about 10 feet away.


“Tweet tweet,” said Merry to PJ.  “Tweeeeeet Merry!”  Replied PJ in the middle of a hop.  “I just love the rain, don’t you, Merry?”

“Well, not really,” said Merry.  “I like to keep my tail feathers dry.”

“Oh, that is unfortunate!” said PJ.  “I love the rain because it creates puddles and I like leaping over them!  Why don’t you give it a try, Merry?”

“I really don’t know how,” said Merry, feeling apprehensive.  “I don’t have long legs like you.”

“You don’t need long legs!”  Replied PJ with a grin.  “All you need is the desire to have fun.”

“Hmmm,” said Merry, still not convinced.  “What if I land in the puddle?  I don’t want to ruin my boots!”

“Then you just flap your wings, dry your boots and try again!”  Said PJ.  “I believe when life gives you a rainy day, Merry – you play in the puddles!”

“Alright, I will give it a try,” said Merry as she jumped over a small puddle about the size of a watermelon.  PJ danced a joyful jig.  “Yay!  Merry – You did it!”  Said PJ.

Merry replied, “Yes!  And it was exhilarating, PJ!”  So Merry put her umbrella aside and spent the remainder of the day laughing and jumping puddles with PJ.

Here are some quotes I liked about rain:

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

“If you want the rainbow, you’ve got to put up with the rain.”  Dolly Parton

And my favorite with a YouTube video:  “When life gives you rain – you make a slip-N-slide.”   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qYe_V-RzzY