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Recycled Art

I have several paintings that I created in experiments that I wanted to recycle into something else.

I started by painting over my images with Golden fluid acrylic paints.  I added random marks and scratched into some of the paints while they were still wet with the end of my paintbrush.  Below is a frog I did on hot pressed watercolor paper:

I liked how the marks revealed some of colors underneath, like this pear painting I did on cold pressed 140 lb paper:

I found this very meditative to just play without thinking about the outcome.  Next, I decided to cut them up into squares and rectangles and draw on them with Uniball gel pens:


I then attached them to notecards:


I really like how they turned out!  What do you think?

How do you recycle your art?  I’d love to hear your creative solutions!

Happy Recycling!  🙂

A Map of Discovery

I made a new discovery with my Gelli-printing yesterday.  I discovered how wonderful old maps take layers of color!  Here are a couple of my favorites:



Oh, the possibilities!!!  I can’t wait to use them in a collage!

I next discovered that I can print over my own drawings that I did with a fine, black Sharpie pen.  Here are some tree shapes I did:


I will probably cut these up and use them in a collage but I am excited to create a drawing that I could possibly draw, print and frame!

I made almost 100 prints yesterday.  Here are a few favorites on 90 lb hot press paper:




And some I did on deli paper:




Do you have a favorite color combination?  I’d love to hear from you!

I hope to show you how I am using some of my prints in a collage soon.

Happy Exploring!  🙂

Found Treasure

I love to create art from old junk.  I feel like I’m giving new life to discarded objects such as these:

some treasures

Here is an assemblage I made last year from Lynn Whipple’s Assemblage class:

Jack assemblage for blog

It says, “All work – no play – makes Jack a dull boy.”

Can you find the 6 games I used to create this piece?  Would love to hear from you!

Hope you find some time to “play” today!

Happy Creating!  🙂