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Postcard Perfect

I had an AWESOME weekend at the lake!  I thought this photo looked like it could be a postcard:

view of clouds on lake

Some white, fluffy clouds for you to gaze at!  Do you see any images in them?  I thought I saw a bird – imagine that!  🙂

My husband and I were out in our boat on this unusually HOT day when we saw this rope swing on the shoreline:

Rope Swing at lake

No, we did not swing from it – sorry to disappoint you all!  But we did go in the lake for a couple of QUICK dips as the water was a cool 66 degrees.  When the air temperature is in the 90’s – the cold water was very refreshing!

We discovered a hidden gem near this rope swing – a waterfall!

Hidden waterfall

It was well hidden in the trees but we could hear its loud roar from the boat.  The waterfall is in the middle of the above photo.

It was such a pretty place on the lake.  No cabins so it was all natural.

view of shore

It was the kind of day that made you look up at the blue sky and have a heart of gratitude for this beautiful place and being present to enjoy it!

blue sky

May you discover the hidden beauty around you this week!

Happy Creating!