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Quick Flower Sketches – Part 1

I decided to try a few quick sketches of flower arrangements in charcoal.

I like the simple lines of these Calla Lilies:

Charcoal - calla lilies

Or this mixed bouquet in a mason jar:

charcoal - mixed bouquet

I then finger painted a single red rose on black paper from my imagination:

rose fingerprint on black paper

Finger painting really makes me capture the “essence” of a flower.  I would not have tried this exercise if I wasn’t taking the Fingerpainting – Fingerprinting online class from Carla Sonheim!

And afterwards, I sketched it with charcoal:

charcoal - a rose

It was much easier to draw than paint!  And extra challenging to paint with my fingers… but it helped me to really SEE the shape and form of my flowers.

What is your favorite flower to draw or paint or buy?  I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Saturday!  :-)))

P.S.  I hope you stop by tomorrow to see my painting of Peonies and Orchids!

Creating Art Every Day

I like to experiment with color and different art mediums much like my dear friend, Laura at Create Art Everyday!  You can find her AWESOME blog, here.

Below is an experiment I did recently with water-soluble wax pastel crayons, Tombow markers and Prismacolor pencils:

wax pastels and tombow markers & color pencils

It reminds me of curly ribbons wrapped around a birthday gift!  🙂

Laura has been creating some beautiful flowers in her sketchbook!  She inspired me to give it a try:

rose watercolor better photo

I sketched them in black pen and added just a hint of watercolor.

I took this photo of my roses in my yard for my reference:

rose bush in yard

Hope you find a little time to create today!  And if you need a little inspiration to get started, check out Laura’s blog!

Happy Creating!  🙂