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Terrific Trees

I was experimenting yesterday with different art mediums to create these trees:

I masked off the background with masking tape and then used salt over Dr. Ph Martin’s India ink.  I also used Pan Pastels on them.

Not all my experiments turned out.  Like the above one on the left where I used glass bead gel and India ink.  It didn’t want to dry.  But I still kind of like it.

The one next to it, I used matte medium, masked it off and used watercolor then salt.  And finished it with the pan pastels after I rubbed off the salt.  I like its softer feel.

Speaking of trees, I am amazed how much my Red Maple tree has changed color since I posted a photo of it here, last Sunday:


Red Maple a blaze,

Dazzling like a sunset

Fall’s color display.

Wishing you a Sunny Sunday, Friends!  🙂

Very Viridian

I was needing a little “Spring” in my step yesterday so I purchased a new color of watercolor that I didn’t have – Viridian from Winsor and Newton.

According to Wikipedia, the name “viridian” comes from the Latin word viridis which means “green!”  It is a deep blue-green color with a hue toward green.

I enjoyed playing with my new watercolor by splashing some paint around on 140 lb hot press paper:

2016-1-13 Viridian watercolor

I layered crumbled deli paper on top to give it this texture.

After this layer dried, I added some Opera Rose pink and Prussian blue on top:

2016-1-13 Viridian plus pink & blue

I’m really loving the texture of the deli paper.  It gives a little different texture than plastic wrap.

So I had to try it again – this time with several colors:

2016-1-13 color play with texture from deli paper

I love the earthy organic texture on this one.

I also tried one with salt on top of the wet watercolor:

2016-1-13 watercolor play with salt

I’m hoping to use these watercolor experiments as papers in my collages.

Happy Creating!  🙂