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Seeing Pink

Yesterday, I did a little printing on my Gelli-Plate – and maybe it was the color of the plastic table cloth…


But I was SEEING pink!  🙂


Maybe it was because I took a photo of these pretty pink roses in my yard before Jack Frost arrived:


Or seeing these blushing blueberry bushes:


I was definitely seeing PINK!


I’d love to hear how nature inspires you in your art making – I hope you share it with me!

Cheers! 🙂

Seeing In Color

I recently purchased this book from Amazon, “Local Color – Seeing Place Through Watercolor,” by Mimi Robinson:


I was intrigued by the idea of remembering a place or a subject by its color palette.  So I decided to give it a try by a photo of this late blooming crabapple tree in my backyard:


I started reading the book last evening but what grabbed my attention was when she discusses seeing color by the time of day, season, etc. – things I have never really thought about before.  And how this can change the colors we see around us.

The above photo was taken on a warm, Spring afternoon so the sky is a brilliant blue.  How would the colors of the crabapple change if it was a cloudy day or if the sun was setting?

I also liked her idea about naming your own color palettes, “More often than not I invent new names for colors – I want colors to evoke a more personal connection to the place.”

She suggests you paint the colors you see in a grid format and leave room for notes.  If you use a similar format each time then you can compare them.  Sounds like fun to me – so I decided to give it a try on these three photos taken when the flowers were just starting to  open, right after they opened and when they were starting to fall from the tree:

These are the colors I saw, recorded in watercolor:


I am AMAZED that there are all these colors in this tree!  I look forward to doing more of these color palettes!  (I need to make some of my colors darker but I ran out of time.)

How do you record the colors you see when painting a subject in watercolors?  I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Painting!  🙂