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A Tweedle Twaddle Bird

Yes, I’m back….

I took a little longer blogging break than I intended but I’m back! And with another weird bird!

Today’s weird bird is a combination of two dictionary words:

TWEEDLE: To lure by or as by music

TWADDLE: Trivial or silly talk/writing

Of course, I put my own spin on these two words to create this weird bird:

I hope this Tweedle Twaddle bird gives you a smile today!

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!

Cheers! 😃

A Hankering

Do remember wearing overalls?  I did as a child… they were sooo comfortable!

Today’s Weird Bird is a feathered farm boy bird!  (John Denver’s song comes to mind… Thank God I’m A Country Boy, um, Bird!! 


Hank had a hankering to wear his overalls today…

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday! 

I hope Hank gives you a smile today…

Cheers! 🙂

It’s A Crock!

The cross-legged, cross-eyed Crock* was amazingly brilliant at solving crossword puzzles:


*Crock(slang) a lie, exaggeration or nonsense.

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!!  (Yes, it’s back!!!!)

Hope I give you a smile today!  🙂

Hidden Images

I like finding images in clouds but sometimes I see them in trees too.  Do you see the face in this tree?


Sometimes I see animals… Like a camel’s face in this tree growth:


You have to use your imagination a bit…

I see a bunny in this rock:


And a heart shape in this one:


What images do you see?  I’d love to hear from you!

Wishing you a happy day doing whatever brings you the most JOY!  And maybe a little time to see images in the clouds, trees or rocks near you!


May you have a Sunny Sunday, friends!!  🙂

A Happy Camper

The Happy Camper bird is often sighted in the wilderness near people enjoying the great outdoors:


Happy Weird Bird Wednesday friends!  🙂

P.S. Do you see any animals in the clouds?

Bird Sox

Weird Bird Wednesday meets Bird Brain Inventions


Don’t be out on a limb without your bird sox!  Lol!

I hope you have a happy day, whatever socks you like to wear!  🙂


Johnny, jump up in your jump suit and come jump rope with me!


Sounds like a jump rope song from when I was a child…Lol!  🙂

I learned from Kerfe at Method Two Madness that a Viola flower is called a Johnny-Jump-Up when she commented on my post here.  Please check out Kerfe and Nina’s blog – they are two friends who share a passion for creating art!   It is always a joy to see what project they are up to on their blog.  🙂

I hope you enjoyed a little silliness on a Sunday!

Wishing you a sunny day!  🙂

The Namby-Pamby Bird

In celebration of “Weird Bird Wednesday” that I started last week – I’d like to introduce the Namby-Pamby bird to you:


This bird is very indecisive!  It can’t decide if it is a chicken or if it likes to eat fish…therefore it has two beaks!

Some days I’m a bit namby-pamby myself.  Do we have chicken or fish for dinner?

One thing I do know… this bird makes me laugh!

Hope it gives YOU a smile today!  🙂

A Rare Sighting

We interrupt this scheduled post to announce a rare bird sighting… or maybe it’s a creature feature?!

A Splodge was spotted in Oaxaca, Mexico with his female partner, Splotch and their 3 offspring:  Blot, Botch and Spot…


One has to have an eagle eye and creative mind in order to spot such a rare find:

It also helps to have the very, talented Hannah at HannahBanana Crafts to mention the word, “Splodge,” in a comment to me on her blog.  This word led me to Splotch which Dictionary.com states is perhaps an origin of spot, blot and botch…

Thank you Hannah for the inspiration for my crazy birds!  😉

Happy Creating!

Wacky Wednesday

Well, I couldn’t resist a little wacky word play with this word of the day:

wing-ding – noun  1.  a noisy, exciting celebration or party

Wendy Warbler wants to WOW all birds at Wednesday’s wild wing-ding!

Wendy Warbler

Wendy’s wearing a wacky wardrobe while whistling, “Rockin Robin” and whirling wildly.  I wonder will Wendy win?

What worldly words of wisdom would you give Wendy?

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

And HAPPY whistling!  Tweet Tweet!  🙂