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Common Redpoll

I decided to try a different style for today’s “Draw A Bird Day,” hosted by the talented artist, Laura at Create Art Everyday.

I wanted to create a simple, stylized bird so this is my Common Redpoll:


According to All About Birds, “The adult male is a small, compact-bodied finch with a red cap and a rosy tinge on its breast.  They are small songbirds and often travel in large flocks.  Their buzzy zap and rising dreee calls are distinctive.”

Apparently, they are common in northern habitats in the winter.  I’m not sure I have ever seen one but I enjoyed drawing and painting them.

I drew my birds in my art journal with a .01 black Micron pen and then painted it with W&N watercolors since it is #worldwatercolormonth too!

May you be singing a happy tune today…  And Happy Painting!  🙂

A Happy Celebration

I started this still life a few days ago hoping to add some collage papers to it:

still life in ink

It looked too symmetrical so I decided to add some orange marker:

still life with orange pen added

I like it better now.  It reminds me of the day after a party like on New Year’s.

Do you have plans to bring in the New Year?  I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Celebrating!  🙂