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A Scary Resemblance

A little spooky fun for Halloween:


Have a great day!  😉

Happiness Is…

A good nap!  🙂

I felt like I spent the three-day weekend eating and napping.  We had cloudy weather at the lake so it forced me to slow down and read… which always ends in a nap!  Lol!

I also did some sketches of people in my art journals.  I got the idea from Cat Bennett to paste a person’s image on the left side of your journal and then draw the person on the right side.  I chose photos from magazines.

I first tried some pencil sketches:



I am starting to see improvements in my sketches which I find this very exciting!

Next, I used a Pentel brush pen which really forced me to stay loose:



I also did one from my imagination using blues and oranges in color pencils:


These were all so fun!  I’m learning that happiness is….drawing people too!

Happy Napping and Drawing!  🙂