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A Value Study

I’m taking an online art class with Karine Swenson, hosted by Carla Sonheim…  (Yes, I know I’m addicted to online art classes!)  This one is a little different for me as it is learning to slow down, observe and draw a subject of my choosing.

I chose a pear.  Sounds PEAR-fectly easy, doesn’t it?


I have done several sketches of this golden fruit and it is not as easy as it apPEARS!

These are some scribbly pencil studies I did yesterday:


The one with the added shadows is my pick of the crop!

Onto a value study with Conte crayons.  The first one looks a little like a leaning tower of PEARZA! Lol!  🙂

It really helps to look at a photo of what you are trying to draw – as I could SEE where I needed to make some corrections:


A little more balanced now… I still need to draw it MANY more times, PEARhaps!

The value study is to help me understand my subject better before I paint it.  I think I will try to paint in watercolors and acrylic next week.

Karine said that one of her teachers told her, “the subject doesn’t have to be perfect, just believable.”  Good advice.

Happy Monday!

Cheers! 🙂

Textures In Nature

I’m a little behind… well, actually A LOT behind with Carla Sonheim’s 365 daily art class but rather than stress about it, I just do an assignment when I can.

Yesterday, I did this one when I was at the lake with ink pen.  Our assignment was to draw textures around us so I chose nature.


I added a little watercolor to spice things up a bit:


Did you notice the dead mosquito?  There seemed to be PLENTY of them this weekend…

Cheers! 🙂

One Colorful Cat!

I did this quick sketch of a cat tonight in pencil then added a sketchy black outline with a Pitt pen and finished it with watercolors…

It is one colorful cat!


Laura at Create Art Everyday  introduced me to this awesome book on Drawing Animals:


It made sketching a cat enjoyable for the first time in my life!  🙂

Wishing you all a Meowy Christmas!!

Cheers!  🙂

A Red Zinger

Charlie at Doodlewash.com gave me the idea for my weird bird today when he painted his favorite mug with a cup of Red Zinger tea on August 14 –  Thanks Charlie!  🙂

Did you know that Celestial Seasonings created the original “Zinger” tea in 1972?  “The tea blends tangy and fruity hibiscus leaves with refreshing peppermint, sweet orange, lively lemongrass and earthy wild cherry bark.”

So I decided to blend a few of my own ingredients together – Here is my Red Zinger Bird:


I created my bird with my Gelli-printed deli paper and a little imagination!  😉

I started by drawing and painting a Hibiscus flower in my art journal in watercolor.  I added a few color pencils:


Next, I drew two quick sketches of a Toucan bird:

When it’s beak is open, it looks a little like a Hibiscus flower to me!

I “blended” these two elements together – a Hibiscus flower and Toucan bird to create a Jill original!

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday friends!!!  🙂

Yellow Daylilies

I love these dwarf variety of yellow Daylilies that I have growing in my yard:


I decided to sketch them with a brown Micron pen before I painted them in watercolors as you see in the photo below on the left.  I then cut simple shapes from paper that I previously painted with watercolors to create a more freeform design on the right:


I had fun experimenting in my art journal on a cool Sunday afternoon.

Happy Painting!  🙂

An Edible Flower

I understand why ART is called a “practice” because some days it takes more “practice” to create a little art…

I was trying to draw and paint a pine cone today but decided I need much MORE practice before I can show you!  😉

I decided on a Nasturtium which I planted as an annual this Spring in a large pot next to a tomato plant.  Did you know the flower is edible and has a peppery flavor?  It is often added to salads.  Here is my sketch next to a photo of the plant:

I wasn’t totally happy with my colors in my sketch.  I used watercolor pencils with a limited palette.  I hope to paint them again in watercolors – hopefully in a looser style.

I wasn’t going to post my art today but I decided that it is PRACTICE not perfection that is my goal!

Happy Sketching!!  🙂

A Flower Sketch

I have these flowers growing in my yard that I don’t know the name of…  Do you?

I love how they meander along my stone walkway.  So I decided to try sketching them.

I picked three stems in different stages of growth:


I used a black Micron pen with watercolor pencils, blending the colors with my water brush in my art journal.  I added a little turquoise around the edges with a color pencil:


I found this flower study and sketching very meditative.  I thought the quote summed it up nicely.

May your Sunny Sunday bring you JOY in life’s simple pleasures!

Happy Drawing!  🙂

Bleeding Heart

I decided to add the Bleeding Heart plant to my collage that I started yesterday.

I researched the flower on the Internet to get a feel for the shape of its flower and leaves.  I then sketched my layout in pencil.


I glued my Gelli-printed papers that I did on deli paper to my collage. The papers have a nice transparentcy to them which I like.

Flower TriviaAccording to the Internet – The bleeding heart plant has been grown for centuries in China and Korea as well as in Japan. In 1740, a German botanist, J. G. Gmelin, first brought a living plant to Russia for a botanical garden where he worked. The Royal Horticulture Society brought the plant to Western Europe through the work of Robert Fortune in 1847.  The plant traveled to America as a gift for Valentine’s Day because of the heart shape of the blossoms. While the preference of bleeding heart plants for the garden waned in Europe, it became a popular garden perennial here.

Next, I will add acrylic paint to my collage.  I like to use Golden Fluid Acrylics. So I hope you check in tomorrow for the next step!

Happy Saturday – May you have a happy heart!  🙂

B is for Buttercups

One of my favorite flowers to discover in the woods is a bright, yellow Buttercup!  It means Spring is on its way!  YAY!

Now, I realize that I’m jumping ahead a month or two but I couldn’t resist drawing a Buttercup today in my “Alphabet Journal.”  Carla Sonheim recommended keeping one this year in the “Y is for Yellow” class.  It is a good place to write names of artists I like and other ideas I want to explore further.

One idea I’d like to explore in greater depth is keeping a nature journal.  I always enjoy seeing Cynthia’s flower and plant sketches at Sand Salt Moon.  Be sure to check out her blog if you haven’t already!  🙂

B is for Blooms

Using an internet photo as a reference, I drew my Buttercup with a black pen.  I tried to look mainly at my subject and not too much at my paper.  I colored it with Prismacolor pencils.

One of my favorite “B” illustrators of nature is Marjolein Bastin.  You probably know her from her Hallmark cards.

I found a short YouTube video about her that I thought you might like:

I enjoyed hearing her perspective about creating art.  I hope you do too!

Do you have a favorite artist that starts with the letter, “B”?  I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Sketching!  🙂

Sketching Flowers


I started with a quick charcoal sketch in my sketchbook:


Then a quick contour sketch in pen:


Some blind contour sketches that look kind of strange:


Colored my contour ink drawing with Neocolors:


And softened them with water:


Wishing you a sunny Saturday!

Happy Sketching!  💐