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What Rhymes With Weird?!


And since today is Weird Bird Wednesday…


I have a Bearded Hat Fish to help give you a smile!  🙂

Did you know that there really is a Beard Fish?  Of course, it looks nothing like mine!  Lol!

Just thought if you were fishing for some fun, I’d throw this fish into the pond!


A Bird On Stilts

I created this bit of whimsy to give you a smile today!  🙂


Happy Weird Bird Wednesday, Friends!

Cheers!!  🙂

A Sketch of Me

So a guy walks into a bar…  This is the beginning of a joke my hubby told me to make me smile for this photo – I am wearing a shirt my good friend Jodi at Life In Between gave me from Mars, PA:


As you can see, it made me laugh…

So I tried to create a drawing of myself – Modigliani style of course – since today is self portrait day!


 Teresa at One Good Thing started this day – on the 25th of each month for creating a self portrait for those of us who want to participate at WordPress.

I haven’t participated much because well, I feel like I’m not very good at self portraits.  But after a glass or two of wine, I thought what the heck!

Hope I give you a smile today and help YOU try something new in art!

Happy Creating!  🙂

The Wafflestomper

The Wafflestomper bird is often seen while hiking in the wilderness.  This bird is recognizable by its footprints and flannel checkered feathers…


Happy Weird Bird Wednesday, friends!!!

Hmm, I think I’m hungry for some waffles now!  Lol!  🙂

Why A Cat Needs An Umbrella


Yesterday, it rained cats and dogs – so to speak… which got me thinking about why a cat needs an umbrella!


I created this in my sketchbook.  Today I added color and shading with Tombow markers.  I recently purchased these markers to help me learn how to shade better:


I have to say, it was really fun!  I would love to know what you think!  🙂

Of course today we had sunshine, so Jack didn’t need his umbrella…


Hope I gave you a smile today!  🙂

Happy drawing or splashing in some Spring puddles…