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Just Leaf It

My title for this post reminds me of Michael Jackson’s song, “Just Beat It!”


I tend to be musically challenged in that I cannot remember the artist or the name of the song.  It brings a lot of humor to our marriage. 😄

I started the above piece with soft pastels:


I like the texture it gives to the paper.

Next, I painted REAL leaves with acrylic paint and pressed them into cold press watercolor paper:


I tried to add a variety of colors and leaf shapes.

After it dried, I added my first layer of watercolor:


I like the added texture that the soft pastels have added to the piece but it may be difficult for you to see it.

I will add many more layers of watercolor paint and finish it with a black pen. Much like these previous experiments that you can find here.   I also have them listed in the category of Leaf Printing on the right.

Happy Creating!  🍂😄🍁

Swirls of Fall

I recently purchased a set of Rembrandt Soft Pastels.  I have never done much with soft pastels so I wanted to experiment with them in my sketchbook.

I really enjoyed using watercolor with them:

orange swirls with soft pastels and wc

The swirls of color reminded me of some photos I took after a frost:

Yellow Dahlia in fall

Like this Dahlia – I love the brilliant blue sky next to the golden color!

The simplicity of the following design:

swirls in red, green & purple

Reminded me of the swirling breath of Jack Frost as it freezes whatever lies in its path:

pink dahlia after frost

The beauty of these Dahlias still takes my breath away!

The circles in this design:

circles with soft pastels and watercolor

Reminded me of this bird bath:

Charlie's Bird bath

A simple design of endless love I have for nature.

May you notice the beautiful shapes in nature’s handiwork today!

Happy Fall!  🙂

The Old Neighborhood – Part 1

Do you ever drive by your old neighborhood where you grew up?  I do from time to time.  I was raised only about 30 minutes from my current home.

I created this short story from the art I did in an old book, as part of the “Word Play Painting Class” I took online from Lynn Whipple.

It was a cool fall day in late October when Ellen decided to take a short drive –


Past the home where she was raised in the old neighborhood –

the old neighborhood

The new owner had changed the house color but everything else looked much the same.

Ellen remembered her childhood friends and all the times they went “Trick or Treating” in the neighborhood –

Trick or Treat character

Dressing up in handmade costumes of cats, ghosts and little old ladies…

Ellen was about ready to drive away when the lady next door came outside to get her mail.  Ellen was surprised to recognize her neighbor, Dee Dee – as she thought she had moved away –

Dee Dee

Ellen hopped out of her car and waived hello to Dee Dee!   When Dee Dee saw Ellen, she broke into a wide grin.

They started chatting and Dee Dee invited Ellen into her home for a cup of coffee –  

a cup of coffee

Reruns of the show, “Super Cat” were playing on the television (rather loudly I must say) so Ellen was thankful when Dee Dee turned the volume off –

Super cat

As Ellen sat down on the couch, the phone rang.  Dee Dee was answering the phone, when Ellen noticed a ______ in the room!  (Now it’s your turn to help complete Part 1 of the story in a clean, humorous way).   I hope you play along…

I will post my ending to the story in Part 2 next week!

Happy Storytelling!  🙂

Keeping A Daily Sketchbook

I started an online class this week with Cat Bennett, hosted by Carla Sonheim called, “Sketchbooks: Making Art A Practice.”  You can find out more about it here.  It is a six-week course.

I started keeping a daily art journal this year but then felt stuck so I haven’t kept one up.  So far, I am really enjoying the class and I’m creating in my sketchbook each day!  YAY!

I thought you may enjoy seeing some of my pages.

Here is one color in watercolor:

day 1 - 2 in Cat's Class

Two colors in watercolor:

Day 2 - 1 in Cat's class

Soft pastels – no limit on color:

soft pastels - day 3

Neocolor wax pastels:

wax pastels

Mixed media – watercolor, Neocolors, acrylic ink:

Day 4 - 3

Watercolor, ink, Neocolors:

Day 4 - 2 mixed media

Watercolor, acrylic ink and Neocolors and a little bubble wrap:

Day 4 - 4

I’m enjoying the process of making marks without trying to create a finished product.

Do you have a favorite?  I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Creating!  🙂