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It’s A New Day

Remember the art tote bag that I showed you last week?  Well, I figured out how to patch the holes!  I also added color to the bag!  (You all know how much I like color!)


Isn’t it totally wild?!  🙂  I printed it with Golden Fluid acrylic paints on my Gelli plate yesterday.  I covered the holes with circles I cut from deli-printed gelli prints:


I used a stencil to cut out the colored circles and ironed on a fusible web stabilizer to the papers.  I then sewed the papers over the holes on the bag.  It was a bit tricky to sew so my lines aren’t too straight.  I may finish the edges with hand stitching – I haven’t decided yet.

On the other side of my bag, I sewed 3 colored circles:


I like the colors on this side best!  I used stencils and Spirograph circles to make my patterns with my gelli plate.

I think my art tote bag looks so much better now.   I’d love to know what you think!

Happy Creating!  🙂

Switching Gears

After my color experiments yesterday, I decided to try the deli paper texture with acrylic paints.  The results take my breath away!

Here are just a couple I did:

I like how the acrylic paints adhere to the deli paper so I can use them in my collages too!

crumbled deli paper with acrylic paint

I then remembered a couple people mention the Spirograph in my blog post last Sunday so I dug out my set – it is from 1967.  It still looks in pretty good shape, wouldn’t you agree?

I decided to switch gears and give it a try once more!  But I had difficulty getting the outside circle to move properly.  So I did the next best thing – I covered it with paint!

spirograph pattern under paint 1-14-2016

I then got the idea to try printing with the circles – they look a little like gears, don’t you think?

I finished by adding more paint and texture with the deli paper.

I bet you didn’t expect me to do this, huh?  I challenge you to think outside the box too!

Happy Creating!  🙂