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Creating = Happiness

I know that I don’t have to create EVERY day or blog about it.  And some days I don’t get it all done like I envisioned.

Yet for me, creating equals happiness!  On those days when I’m too pooped to party so to speak, I create something anyway.  It brings me JOY!  I hope that my creations bring a little happiness into your world too.  🙂

I wanted to show you how I added to my collage from New Year’s:

color pencils added to collage

At first, I thought it was too busy…  Here is a comparison of the two:

But the more I added, the more I liked!  Go figure!  LOL!

I added the extra details with markers and color pencils and softened the background with pan pastels.

I would love to know what you think!

Cheers to creating happiness!  🙂

Cheers To A Colorful 2016!

Happy New Year collage

I was playing with color, patterns and shapes!  I’d love to know what you think!

Here’s to a new year filled with LOTS of FUN!

Happy Creating!  🙂

A Happy Celebration

I started this still life a few days ago hoping to add some collage papers to it:

still life in ink

It looked too symmetrical so I decided to add some orange marker:

still life with orange pen added

I like it better now.  It reminds me of the day after a party like on New Year’s.

Do you have plans to bring in the New Year?  I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Celebrating!  🙂

The Blue Bowl

I painted this antique blue bowl in watercolor without sketching first:


This was a bit of a challenge for me.  Although it helped me to see the bowl’s shape more clearly, I realized that I messed up the pattern a bit around the top edge.  I decided to keep going anyway.

I added pencil at the end:


This was a good exercise to help me paint what I see instead of what I think I see!

I have this bowl in my kitchen and I see it every day so I surprised myself when I painted the pattern wrong.  I’m glad I kept going even though I messed up. I think I learned more about my subject from my mistake than if I had done it correctly.

Happy Creating!  😊

Don’t Be A Crabapple

As a child, my older sister would often tell me, “Don’t be a cry baby!”

For some strange reason this is what came to my mind as I was painting these Crabapples…


Maybe it was because I was having a tough day.  😁

You know those days when you get paint everywhere but where you WANT it to go… Your clothes, the carpet, your hair, the cat’s hair (OK, I’m exaggerating a little).  Hehe!

And we got a new computer with Windows 10.  I had the “old” system all figured out.  Hmmm, does this mean I’m getting old?  😳

Now I need to find a new photo editing software for Windows 10.  Any ideas?!  😉

I did enjoy painting these Crabapples in watercolor.  And I added a few color pencils at the end.  I had some beautiful fall photos of my two Crabapple trees in my yard BUT I will have to save this for another day when I have time to play with the computer.   Let’s just say, thank goodness for my iPad!  😀

Happy Creating!  🎨😊

Sketching Flowers


I started with a quick charcoal sketch in my sketchbook:


Then a quick contour sketch in pen:


Some blind contour sketches that look kind of strange:


Colored my contour ink drawing with Neocolors:


And softened them with water:


Wishing you a sunny Saturday!

Happy Sketching!  💐

Friday Flowers

I visited our local Farmer’s Market the other day and bought myself this fall bouquet of flowers:

Flowers from Farmer's Market

A real bargain at $5.00!  I loved the colors so decided to try to paint it in watercolors.

I started with a quick sketch in charcoal to get a feel of the shapes:

quick sketch in charcoal

Next, I sketched loosely with a black Micron pen on 140 lb cold press paper:

sketch in black ink

I added my first layer of watercolor which started to make it sing:

first layer of watercolor

And completed it with one more layer to add a little more shading:

completed watercolor of flowers in vase

I normally would not take on this challenge of painting such complicated flowers but thanks to ALL of you for your encouragement, I decided to give it a go – so these flowers are for you, my FRIENDS!

Happy Friday!  🙂

Fruitful Patterns

Remember the watercolor I posted on Tuesday of a pear and apple?

Well, I wasn’t totally thrilled with it… so I decided to experiment and add some color pencils to it.   Using my Prismacolor pencils, I added different colors in a basket weave pattern:

pear and apple with basket weave

I finished it by adding more patterns for the shadows of the fruit and squiggles (a very technical term, lol) to the bottom half of the painting:

completed pear and apple

I really like how this turned out!  What do you think?!  I’d love to hear from you!  🙂

Happy Experimenting!  :-)))

A Pear-fect Treat

I seem to be thinking a lot about pears lately… so after I ate my one for dinner last night, I went to a local Farmer’s Market and bought 3 more!

photo of 3 pears

I needed to warm-up so I did 3 quick scribbly drawings with a ball-point pen to get the feel of their shape:

3 Scribbly pears

Next, I decided to draw a contour of them like I was writing a haiku – with only 5, 7 and 5 lines for each pear shape.  I scribbled water-soluble (Neocolor 2) wax pastels in vibrant fall colors:

3 haiku pears

And softened them with water:

3 haiku pears with wax pastels added

And finished with this written haiku:

Yellow blushing red                                                                                                              A juicy ripe pear-fect treat                                                                                           Sweet autumn harvest.

Have a happy day!  🙂

Fall Fruit

I decided to pick some fall fruit for a watercolor still life:

Pear and apple photo

So I chose a pear and an apple!

Here is the first layer of paint:

1st layer of paint

The apple looks a bit like a tomato…

So I added more paint:

Layer 2

Pretty frustrated with the apple… maybe I should take a bite out of it and be done with it!  LOL!

So I added some shadows and background and overworked my fruit a bit more:

completed fruit

Not my best work… but the pear was really good for dinner on a spinach salad!

Happy Painting or Eating!  :-)))