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The Spud Bug

When I was a kid, (about 10 years old) my dad paid me a penny for each potato bug I collected from the potato plants growing in the garden. I put them in an old jar with a lid.  If you knew me, you’d know that I’m not one who likes bugs but give me an incentive to earn a dollar or two and I’m in!  More money for penny candy which I loved as a child!  🍭

So it doesn’t surprise me when this imaginary SPUD bug appeared in my art today:


I decided to google this “bug” to learn that it is really a BEETLE!  Ha!  The “Colorado Potato Beetle” is .39 inches (10mm) long and a major pest of potato crops. According to Wikipedia, many chemicals are unsuccessful in killing this beetle because of the beetle’s ability to develop resistance to insecticides.

Apparently, this is where I come in – cheap child labor!  Lol!  I was able to afford lots of penny candy as I collected probably 300 of this stripped beetle!

This potato bug, uhm, beetle looks like he is doing the “Mash Potato Dance” which sounds an awful like the “Monster Mash” on YouTube.  Hehe!


I bet you never look at your mashed potatoes in quite the same way!  😜

Happy Friday!

The Tip of the Ice Bird

Temperatures may be plunging into the low teens this week in our neck of the woods…


This is when the rare Ice Bird will sometimes appear on a chilly winter day, clutching a blue icicle.

A small bird identified by its skinny, ice-thin legs, blue tip on the end of its beak and large white eyes.

Legend has it, if you are fortunate to spot one, you will likely live in a warm home and never be without electricity for five consecutive days…

Happy Hunting! ❄️🐦❄️

Larry The Landloper

Word of the day:  Landloper – Noun – A wanderer, vagrant or adventurer


Larry the Landloper is a land lover.  He dreams of flying but for now is content wearing his loafers while exploring the land.

May you find life as an adventure!

Happy Exploring!  😊

Bits And Pieces

I used to love to draw faces in sketchbooks when I was in my teens.  I quit because I let the ideas of others influence me.

Well, I am happy to say, I’m back at it!  And this time, I’m adding bits and pieces of collage:


She looks to me like a young girl who loves the outdoors!  Perhaps she enjoys running on the beach with her dog, Sam or reading books of mystery on the sofa.  Would love to know her story, how about you?

I started her face with watercolor pencils:


Then added water to soften my lines:


I added some details with  Prismacolor Dark Umber color pencil:


And finished with torn pieces of collage from Gelli prints that I made previously with deli paper:


The colors blend a little better in better light.

Happy Creating!  😊

A Sample Story

As I was giving out candy to children in Halloween costumes this evening, I started “painting” a short story with names of paint samples (highlighted in the text) and my imaginary faces:


Mrs. Pine Nut was considered a bit odd as a middle school teacher.  She liked to wear a small vial of Toasted Pine Nuts around her neck.  They were a reminder of her family tree.

She enjoyed teaching children how to cook and her favorite subject was Spun Sugar:


Mrs. Pine Nut would often keep a little Baggie of the crystallized candy in her desk drawer to nibble throughout her day which tended to make her look strung out…

One day while teaching her class about how to prepare Persimmon pudding –


Mrs. Pine Nut got a little Egg White on her face:


The children in her class all snickered and Mrs. Pine Nut thought she was being as cool as a Cucumber in her green pants suit:


Later when she stepped out of her classroom for some Open Air


She discovered to her dismay that she had egg on her face!

She immediately turned a Fabulous shade of Red!


Mrs. Pine Nut went home that evening and relaxed with a Berry Red glass of wine –


While watching the Goldfinches in her yard:


She suddenly burst out in laughter at her Humorous Green appearance!


“Nonsense wakes up the brain cells.  And it helps develop a sense of humor, which is awfully important in this day and age!”  – Dr.  Seuss

Happy Storytelling!  😄

The Primaries

I’m not talking politically here…

Here are more faces on primary and secondary colors:


Luanne is dating Bob, Jon, Bill and Frank –

Who did Fluffy approve?

Hope this makes you smile!  😊

Happy Drawing!  🎨

The Old Neighborhood – Part 2

Do you remember my story of Ellen that previously posted here?


Today I want to  finish my story with a little poem – thank you everyone who helped me complete my story!

What DID Ellen see?!  Here is her response:

Did I see a little green man?


Or maybe a miniature unicorn on the corner stand?

A Super Mouse doll?  Oh, so grand!!!

Or perhaps a big hairy spider with two sharp fangs?


A little dancing statue that looks brand new –

Is that the god of Vishnu?  I have no clue…

A rather noisy Parrot, who keeps saying, “Moo?”

Or maybe a rare Hairy Bird, stuffed and glued?!


Is it Waldo, smiling over at me?

Did I FINALLY find him?!  Oh, no!  This cannot be!


I realize now as I sit here with glee…

What I saw in the corner was just a reflection of me!


Hope you enjoyed my story!

Happy Creating!!!  😊🎨💜

The Old Neighborhood – Part 1

Do you ever drive by your old neighborhood where you grew up?  I do from time to time.  I was raised only about 30 minutes from my current home.

I created this short story from the art I did in an old book, as part of the “Word Play Painting Class” I took online from Lynn Whipple.

It was a cool fall day in late October when Ellen decided to take a short drive –


Past the home where she was raised in the old neighborhood –

the old neighborhood

The new owner had changed the house color but everything else looked much the same.

Ellen remembered her childhood friends and all the times they went “Trick or Treating” in the neighborhood –

Trick or Treat character

Dressing up in handmade costumes of cats, ghosts and little old ladies…

Ellen was about ready to drive away when the lady next door came outside to get her mail.  Ellen was surprised to recognize her neighbor, Dee Dee – as she thought she had moved away –

Dee Dee

Ellen hopped out of her car and waived hello to Dee Dee!   When Dee Dee saw Ellen, she broke into a wide grin.

They started chatting and Dee Dee invited Ellen into her home for a cup of coffee –  

a cup of coffee

Reruns of the show, “Super Cat” were playing on the television (rather loudly I must say) so Ellen was thankful when Dee Dee turned the volume off –

Super cat

As Ellen sat down on the couch, the phone rang.  Dee Dee was answering the phone, when Ellen noticed a ______ in the room!  (Now it’s your turn to help complete Part 1 of the story in a clean, humorous way).   I hope you play along…

I will post my ending to the story in Part 2 next week!

Happy Storytelling!  🙂

The Eckhouts – My Story…

Remember my “characters” from yesterday?

funny pictures of a family

Well, here is MY story about them:

Uncle Aurther is married to Sandy but Sandy does not like being called, “Aunt” as it makes her feel old.  (BTW, Uncle Aurther is a terrible speller, his REAL name is Uncle Albert!)  Uncle Albert likes to hum along to Paul McCartney’s song!  When this happens, (Aunt) Sandy puts on her happy face and starts knitting.  (I’m so sorry Uncle Albert…)  😉

Uncle John loves to tell jokes such as this one…  Q:  What side of a cat has the most spots?  A:  The outside!  hahaha!!!

Jasper is Uncle John’s son.  Jasper plays a mean accordion!  Sometimes they play a party gig together.  Everyone thinks they are so talented!

Jasper is a bit odd with his big ears and all but Amy finds him very attractive.  They eventually meet at a Karoke Bar and fall instantly in love!  They are married in just 3 months by Jasper’s sister, Susie – who LOVES cats!

Susie has a kind heart and takes in MANY, many stray cats.  (Meowwww!)  Brian lives next door to Susie and he is allergic to cats – oh, dear!  But Brian thinks Susie is the “cat’s meow” so he buys stock in Claritin and becomes a very RICH man!  $$$$

Spot is one of Susie’s MANY cats.  Spot becomes a famous “light” in Susie’s life and with a “Spot-light” Susie too becomes very wealthy.

Eventually, Susie and Jasper meet and marry.  They are currently celebrating their 9 lives together (I mean anniversaries!)

May you find humor in your family tree!

Happy Storytelling!  🙂

The Eckhouts

Have you ever created an imaginary family tree?

watercolor tree

I was creating this watercolor tree for another project but thought it fit well in this post.

Here is the Eckhout family:

funny pictures of a family

I made up their names and could probably write a story about them – BUT!  I thought it would be more FUN to have YOU tell me about them!   :-)))

Hope you join in the fun and share your humorous stories in the comment section.

Happy Storytelling!  🙂