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Life Is Like A Rainbow…

Letter, “Q” is for quotes:


Life is like a rainbow…you need both the sun and the rain to make its colors appear.” – Author Unknown

”R” is for really RED:


I haven’t done one of these watercolor and ink abstracts in awhile.  It was fun to do one in mostly one color, RED!  I added a little Payne’s Gray for contrast.

A paint sample card and a paper, “R” for my collage portion.

Sunny, summer sunflowers for “S” was super fun:


I like how this one turned out!  I wrote on washi tape with a ball point pen for the words and cut my letter from my handpainted paper stash for the collage.

Wishing you a happy Weekend!

Cheers! 🙂

Autumn’s Memory Fades

I was inspired by Jodi at The Creative Life In Between to create this haiku for today.

Bare branches reaching,

Outstretched arms towards the sun,

Autumn’s memory fades…


Days become shorter,

Frosty fingers leave their mark,

Freezing seed heads droop.


Colors change from gold,

Paperlike flowers pressed,

Winter’s icy breath.


Wishing you a Sunny Sunday, friends! 

Cheers!  🙂

Poppies and Sunflowers

I finally finished my third big blooms painting!  I have been working on it for some time because I decided to add collage papers to it instead of pastels as I did for my first and second large flower paintings.

Below are progress photos of my acrylic painting before collage:

Once I was somewhat pleased with my painting, I added collage papers that I did on the Gelli plate previously.  I cut them out of my deli printed papers and glued them over my painted flowers with Liquitex gloss medium, paying attention to lights and darks.

On the second one above, I painted over some of the gelli prints that I added to the vase and the background to help blend the colors.  Below is a close-up on the collage at two different stages:


And below is my finishing touches – the one on the right is the completed painting:

You may be wondering what the purple flower is?  Well, I kind of made it up!  I liked the color combination!  Lol!

Happy Creating!  🙂

Sketching Flowers


I started with a quick charcoal sketch in my sketchbook:


Then a quick contour sketch in pen:


Some blind contour sketches that look kind of strange:


Colored my contour ink drawing with Neocolors:


And softened them with water:


Wishing you a sunny Saturday!

Happy Sketching!  💐

Sunny Face – Part 2

Below is the abstract sunflower that I showed you yesterday:

sunflower - 3

I added some black pen to it today:

sunflower - 1

And finished it by adding some Prismacolor pencils:

sunflower complete

It looks like it is waving “hello!”

I found this quote on the internet:                                                                           Happiness blossoms where seeds of kindness have been thoughtfully planted.

Happy Creating!  🙂

A Sunny Face – Part 1

I love how sunflowers face the sun!  They have such a sunny face…  :-)))

I was experimenting with Golden fluid acrylic paint and F&W acrylic ink for my abstract sunflower on 300 lb cold press paper:

sunflower - 1

I then added some Neocolor II watersoluble wax pastels:

sunflower - 2

And softened the wax pastels with some water:

sunflower - 3

I used bubble wrap to sponge on some white paint for the “seeds.”

For Part 2 – tomorrow, I will add some definition with a black marker.  I hope you will join me!

Hope you have a sunny day!  🙂

P.S.  Please forgive me if I am behind commenting on your blog!  I am super duper busy at work at the moment training an AWESOME new employee!  I hope to catch up on the weekend.  xo

Mary Had A Sunny Disposition

Ben was attracted to Mary’s sunny disposition:

Sunflower people collage

Did you know there are over 70 species of sunflowers?!

Have a sunny Monday!  🙂