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M, N, O, P

My continuation of my Alphabet Journal…

Mushrooms from my imagination for the letter, “M”:


I did reference wild mushrooms online before I drew and painted these colorful ones.  It was very fun to paint these mushrooms in watercolor.  Adding salt while the paint was wet gave the perfect texture to them.  I am sure I will be painting more in my future!

Letter “N” is for handwritten notes:


This one took me a little more time to complete.  It was fun to add old postage stamps for the collage part.  Letter writing seems to be becoming a lost form of communication.

”O” is for the color, orange so why not an orange sunset:


I was playing with color, shapes and balance for the collage part.

Purple petunias from a planter were a perfect subject for the letter, “P”:


I cut strips of handpainted paper for the collage part.  I thought the colors accented the purples I used for the petunias.

I hope you are enjoying my alphabet series… I’m having so much fun!

Cheers! 🙂

Take A Walk

I apologize that I haven’t posted in a few days… life has kind of gotten in the way!  I haven’t been feeling well and so I have gotten behind.

I thought you might enjoy taking a little walk with me at the lake after a busy week…

These pie cherries are looking pretty ripe!  The Robins haven’t eaten these…yet!


The sunset looks like a winner tonight – look at these whispy clouds!


Pinecones piled high for a beach fire – yet look at that yellow flower growing on the edge! 🙂


As I step onto the dock, I notice the clouds reflecting on the water and plants sprouting new growth between boards:

I like the combination of the moss growing on the dock boards and the mountains in the distance in this sunset view:


As I walk back to my little place at the lake, I notice these beautiful flowers:


I just love their color combination, don’t you? 💜

Wishing you a happy day taking a walk enjoying the beauty around you –  I hope you share a description with me!

Cheers! 🙂

Seed Pods And Sunsets

I finished my mixed media art piece that I started last week.  If you recall, I was influenced by a photo I took of a Lupine flower’s seed pods. The last progress photo that I showed you is on the left or here, next to the completed piece on the right:

I like how the added collage papers (printed on my Gelli-Plate) give it more depth.  I added a few more patterns with a white gel pen too.  I plan on framing this one!  🙂

We’ve been having some awesome sunsets which I appreciate even more because we have several wildfires burning in our area.  When we have clear skies, it is a definite reason to celebrate:



May these beautiful sunsets inspire you in your art like a simple seed pod did for me.

Cheers!  🙂

A Garden Fairy

One never knows when a “Garden Fairy” will appear!  It may start with an amazing sunset:


And a few wild daisies:


Perhaps some blue sky and almost ripe cherries…


And some colorful flowers in old bucket or two:


And then magically she appears…


With some fairy dust for you!

Wishing you a magical day!  🙂

A Fall Sunset

Some days I don’t have much time for art.  Today was one of those days…

BUT I wanted to do something!  So I looked at Pinterest for ideas and did this wash in watercolors:


It looked like a fall sunset…

Especially in this light:


This is a work in progress.

I wanted to show you that creating can be very simple for me some days.  It is the DOING that brings me JOY!

Happy Creating – even for a moment!  😊

A Moose On The Loose

I wrote this moose haiku for you:

Cow moose from the woods,                                                                                                 Your size towered over our truck,                                                                           Thanks for turning back!

quick moose painting

On the way to the lake this last weekend, a very LARGE cow moose came onto the highway as we were driving.  We swerved and luckily for us, the moose on the loose decided to turn back towards the woods.

So here is a quick drawing of a moose.  So very grateful that we made it to our little home in the woods safely.

So to celebrate, here is a beautiful lake sunset for you to enjoy!

pink sunset

Cheers!  🙂

A Dazzling Sunset

Sometimes Mother Nature just wows me with her beauty!  I took these photos at the lake and hope to paint them in watercolor:

sunset - 1

sunset 2

sunset 3

sunset 4

sunset 5

It was an amazing show!  Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Happy Creating!

Sunsets and Storm Clouds

I marvel at each sunset I see – such beauty!

Sunset at lake

I took these photos at the lake this weekend.  It was a bit stormy.

Stormy sunset

I wrote two Haiku’s to share with you.

Sun setting color                                                                                                                   God’s Masterpiece unveiled                                                                                        Takes my breath away.

storm clouds

You can see the storm clouds forming above the trees.

Sky grows dark rumbling                                                                                           Clouds boil on the horizon                                                                                   Exploding rain falls.

storm clouds 2

We really needed the rain as it has been a dry Spring.  Luckily, it rained mainly at night so we could enjoy the fresh mountain air during the day.  🙂

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”  – Vivian Greene

May you take the time to enjoy a sunset this week!  🙂