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An Artful Exchange

I just love Sharon Mann’s sunny art, don’t you?


I was delighted to receive her postcard art recently in an artful exchange through the mail!


We each created six postcards, 4×6 inch size in any art medium.  (I forgot to take a photo of mine so you will have to look at Sharon’s blog). 😉

Perhaps you remember our other artful exchange?  If not you can find it here:  The Speedball Bird

I enjoy making art in this “postcard” size so I’m sure you will see more of it!

Thank you Sharon for brightening my day with your cheerful art!

Cheers! 🙂


Chasing The Sun

My hubby and I spent many hours chasing the sun this last weekend at the lake in our boat:


A feeling of Fall was definitely in the air…


The lake water temperature had dropped about 6-8 degrees to about chilly 62 degrees… in only two weeks, making jumping in the water, a very brisk dip:


We spent a lot of time changing clothes… between the warm sun, coolness of the clouds and the occasional breeze:


Seems like Fall wasn’t the only “change” going on! Lol! 😉


Wishing you a sunny day!

Cheers! 🙂

Lake Time

My hubby and I opened up our lake place (trailer) over the weekend.  We weren’t sure of the weather but decided to chance it and left home in rainy weather but arrived at the lake in sunshine!

The weather turned out to be wonderfully warm and the sky was the brilliant blue of summer… although the mountains were still covered with snow!


We took our first boat ride of the season… Lake time for us is May through September.    I have been going to Priest Lake, Idaho since I was a baby so it always feels like coming home when I arrive!

Here are some more photos for you to enjoy with a haiku:


Snow on rocky peaks,


Sunshine sparkles on waves blue-green…


Ah, fresh mountain air!


Flowering Plum Tree

We are FINALLY getting some warmer Spring weather in the Pacific Northwest!  The flowering trees are just starting to bloom like this ornamental plum tree:


I wrote a haiku to celebrate:


Showy pink petals

Purple plum ornamental

A Springtime delight!

Wishing you a Sunny Sunday!

Cheers!  🙂

Spring Flowers

We had sunshine and warmer temperatures recently in the Pacific Northwest.  It had me dreaming of Spring and flowers…

So I started this doodle last night in my art journal:


This drawing is only the beginning… just like the promises of Spring in a month or two!

Wishing you a day filled with sunny thoughts!

Cheers!  🙂

Postcard Perfect

I had an AWESOME weekend at the lake!  I thought this photo looked like it could be a postcard:

view of clouds on lake

Some white, fluffy clouds for you to gaze at!  Do you see any images in them?  I thought I saw a bird – imagine that!  🙂

My husband and I were out in our boat on this unusually HOT day when we saw this rope swing on the shoreline:

Rope Swing at lake

No, we did not swing from it – sorry to disappoint you all!  But we did go in the lake for a couple of QUICK dips as the water was a cool 66 degrees.  When the air temperature is in the 90’s – the cold water was very refreshing!

We discovered a hidden gem near this rope swing – a waterfall!

Hidden waterfall

It was well hidden in the trees but we could hear its loud roar from the boat.  The waterfall is in the middle of the above photo.

It was such a pretty place on the lake.  No cabins so it was all natural.

view of shore

It was the kind of day that made you look up at the blue sky and have a heart of gratitude for this beautiful place and being present to enjoy it!

blue sky

May you discover the hidden beauty around you this week!

Happy Creating!

Three Cheers For May! Hip Hip Hoorah!

I created this collage/painting recently in Diane Culhane’s Doodle class.  The colors remind me of summer!

acrylic paint & gel medium painted over gelli deli paper

I completed the assignment my own way of course!  🙂

I started by drawing my doodles directly onto canvas with a Sharpie pen:

Doodle on canvas with Sharpie

I combined several doodles together –  And included a bird!

Next, I glued my gelli-printed deli papers to the canvas.  I like how the pen lines show through and the papers add more patterns:

Canvas doodle covered with deli gelli-print paper

I then “painted” over the top with acrylic paints mixed with gel medium to create my finished piece:

acrylic paint & gel medium painted over gelli deli paper

This was so fun!  I want to explore it further at a later date!

YAY!  It’s May!  This is the beginning of trips to the Lake!  It is the “beginning” of summer for me!  Hip Hip Hoorah!

Lois and Glenmar in 2009 at lake

Laughter and friends and sunshine…

There is nothing better than spending time with our friends at the lake!  We have so many wonderful friends and memories!  We feel so blessed!  🙂

Daisy in pot at lake 2013

Three Cheers for May!  Hope you have a happy day!

As a friend recently reminded me, “Life is not a dress rehearsal!”  So kick up your heals, smell the flowers and laugh!!!

You are worth it!!!