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More Fun With Fungus!

After my exploration of collage and drawing a pair of Rosy Bonnet mushrooms on Monday, I decided to try an ink doodle with Micron pens:

Next, I made a stencil of the mushroom from my pencil drawing. I wanted to use it in my Gelli-plate printing.

I decided to make a stencil of each shape with card stock and a plastic material (it is made for creating quilt patterns but I thought it might work):

Both worked for these fungus prints but I liked the results with the card stock the best. It was less slippery on the Gelli-plate and left less lines around the stencil on the prints:

It was fun trying both positive and negative shapes on deli paper and vellum paper:

I can even use the leftover card stock stencil in my art journal…

But that is fun with fungus for another day!

I hope I inspired you to explore mixed media in a subject you enjoy.

Cheers! ūüôā

Pattern and Color Play

Sometimes I make art for classes that are just for practice but I dislike wasting good art paper.

Yesterday, I decided to add pattern and color to two of such papers.

My first experiment were repetitive triangle shapes on 90 lb hot press paper.  I added more pattern and color with water soluble crayons and then softened them with water:

Next, I mixed a tiny bit of transparent orange acrylic paint with matte medium and brushed it onto my paper.  I added more pattern on top with a plastic tool by Plaid.


My second experiment was adding to shapes I had done with sumi ink and water soluble crayons to create a feeling of rhythm.  I added additional pattern and color similar to my first experiment.

I mixed a tiny bit of transparent red with matte medium but got a little too much red so I softened it with more matte medium for the second half on the left.


I used the end of my acrylic brush to make marks into the wet paint on this one.


Orignally, I was going to use both papers for collage material but I’m not sure I will cut up the first one!  I like it too much.  It reminds me of sailboats and summer.

I encourage you to experiment with pattern and color play over some artwork you’d like to repurpose.  You may surprise yourself!

Cheers! ūüôā

Textures In Nature

I’m a little behind… well, actually A LOT behind with Carla Sonheim’s 365 daily art class but rather than stress about it, I just do an assignment when I can.

Yesterday, I did this one when I was at the lake with ink pen.  Our assignment was to draw textures around us so I chose nature.


I added a little watercolor to spice things up a bit:


Did you notice the dead mosquito? ¬†There seemed to be PLENTY of them this weekend…

Cheers! ūüôā

Abstract Landscapes In Watercolor

Do you remember the loose landscapes I recently did in acrylics?  Well, I decided to try them in watercolor.

However, I wanted to give myself¬†some new criteria to challenge my brain!¬† ūüôā

I decided to first create imaginary abstract landscapes with torn magazines and then paint them in watercolor.  I thought it would also be good practice in mixing similar colors with paint.  And to add another challenge, I decided to try adding texture to my watercolors with some of these items:


Here are my results, can you find the bubble wrap in the one below?


I like the simplicity of this one:


I realized afterwards that I needed less water and more paint to get closer to my color values.  Sometimes it is hard to remember that watercolor dries lighter!


I used several different textures in the above piece.  An egg carton to dip into the greenish-blue paint which made a great stamp!  An old dish rag for the purple mountain shape and the textured paper to create the bumps in the light green shape.

I think I like my last one best:


I used toilet paper to blot the green mountain shape.  Table salt on the black.  And the end of my paint brush to create lines in the purple shape.

I really enjoyed this exercise I created for myself!  Starting with collage first helped me to create shapes, colors and patterns that I would not have done on my own.

Here is a photo of a landscape at the lake.  I encourage you to give it a try!


Wishing you a sunny Sunday!¬† ūüôā

Colors and Textures, Oh My!

I was really attracted to the colors on the buildings in Oaxaca, Mexico.  I discovered interesting color combinations and found the colors did not have to match.

I did a loose interpretation of the buildings in collage, watercolor, color pencils and ink pen that I thought you might enjoy seeing:

And I loved the texture of this old door:

This one I did today with Neocolors, watercolor, color pencil and ink pen:

I hope you enjoyed my experiments.¬† I’d love to know what you think!

Have a color filled Friday!¬† ūüôā

Very Viridian

I was needing a little “Spring” in my step yesterday so I purchased a new color of watercolor that I didn’t have – Viridian from Winsor and Newton.

According to Wikipedia, the name “viridian” comes from the Latin word viridis which means “green!”¬† It is a deep blue-green color with a hue toward green.

I enjoyed playing with my new watercolor by splashing some paint around on 140 lb hot press paper:

2016-1-13 Viridian watercolor

I layered crumbled deli paper on top to give it this texture.

After this layer dried, I added some Opera Rose pink and Prussian blue on top:

2016-1-13 Viridian plus pink & blue

I’m really loving the texture of the deli paper.¬† It gives a little different texture than plastic wrap.

So I had to try it again – this time with several colors:

2016-1-13 color play with texture from deli paper

I love the earthy organic texture on this one.

I also tried one with salt on top of the wet watercolor:

2016-1-13 watercolor play with salt

I’m hoping to use these watercolor experiments as papers in my collages.

Happy Creating!¬† ūüôā