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Blue Rain

Grab your umbrella, friends!

I was trying a new technique with one of Picasso’s blue period paintings…


But this lady looks like she was caught in an unexpected downpour of blue rain!

Some days I just have to laugh!¬† ūüėČ

Happy Puddle Jumping!

Blue Monday’s

I’m really enjoying¬†Carla Sonheim’s class, “Y is for Yellow!”

The assignment to draw blind contours in my sketchbook was a little scary at first:


We were to draw 5 images from a magazine with a¬†ballpoint pen¬†without looking at our paper!¬† It was OK if the images overlapped.¬† And I kind of like the “collage affect” from it.

Next, I squinted my eyes to see the darker values of my subject and colored them with a dark blue pencil.  I used a light blue pencil to highlight the mid values.

Today, I found the assignment a little more fun!


I included some veggies in the mix!¬† ūüôā

I recommend you give this exercise a try!  It really does train your eyes to SEE your subject!  And if anything, it will give you a good laugh Рalways good on a Monday!

Happy Drawing!¬† ūüôā