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Reds And Blues

I thought you might enjoy seeing some of my watercolor paintings I did recently in my art journal.

My cherry tomatoes are ripe for picking – they are my “red” subject:

They taste as sweet as candy!  🙂

And here are my “blue” subjects – blueberries and bellflowers:

I started with a pencil sketch first before painting in watercolor:

I enjoyed painting these subjects outside this last weekend in the cooler weather.

Wishing you a happy day filled with a rainbow of color!  🙂

Juicy Red Tomatoes

Sometimes it is just fun to play with watercolors.  Below I made circles with paint and then lifted my sketchbook so the colors could run and blend together.  Cheap fun!


And for my next two watercolor experiments, I played with brush sizes to create simple tomatoes:


I like the last one best which surprised me.  Nothing like a big fat brush to create a juicy, red tomato!

Happy Painting!  🙂