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Bird Banter

2016-1-17 Bird Banter

Backyard birds banter about bird bandings behind bird bath!

Happy Monday!  🙂

Wacky Wednesday

Well, I couldn’t resist a little wacky word play with this word of the day:

wing-ding – noun  1.  a noisy, exciting celebration or party

Wendy Warbler wants to WOW all birds at Wednesday’s wild wing-ding!

Wendy Warbler

Wendy’s wearing a wacky wardrobe while whistling, “Rockin Robin” and whirling wildly.  I wonder will Wendy win?

What worldly words of wisdom would you give Wendy?

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

And HAPPY whistling!  Tweet Tweet!  🙂

D is for Daisy Duck!

Daisy Duck

Dazzling Daisy duck dabbles daffodils during doo-wop doozie!

Do-quack; do-quack – do!

Happy Easter to all of you!  🙂

C is for Cat and Canary

Here is a new tongue twister for you!

C is for Cat and Canary

I used the Capital “C” for the head of the canary and the cat.  The lower case “c” is used on the canary’s breast and the cat’s license on it’s collar.

Have a CREATIVE day!

B is for Brain Banter

I used the capital “B” for the eyes and the lower case, “b” is part of the wing.  I found a backstitch illustration in an old sewing book and it formed the perfect lower cased “b”.

I like creating these tongue twisters because it challenges my brain!

Billy Bird