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Monday – A Bit Scary!

Some times Monday feels a bit scary…  After a relaxing weekend, it feels a little frightening to go back to work and face all the demanding “monsters” of Monday morning!  :-0

Kind of like this doodle…how many spooky faces can YOU find?


This is a completion of the piece I started here.  Afterwards I saw some great ideas for carving pumpkins, how about you?!  Others see coffee cup stains, onion rings…

Wishing you a Monday that isn’t too scary!  😉

Rete Mirabile

This word is Latin for “wonderful net.”  It is pronounced –                                      rete mi·ra·bi·le (mĭ-rä’bĭ-lē)

It sounds like a bottle of wine to me….

Rete Mirabile - about birds feet

Actually, this is what keeps duck feet from freezing in cold water.

According to Bird Note, “Rete mirabile is fine, netlike pattern of arteries that interweaves warm blood from a bird’s heart with the veins carrying cold blood from its feet and legs.  This interweaving warms the cold blood in these veins before it reaches the bird’s heart. This system keeps the bird’s legs and feet warm, even without leggings and slippers.”

And what about the tiny songbirds feet?  “This birds’ feet lack sweat glands and stay dry. So, there is no danger of them freezing to metal perches.”