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No Butts About It

Did you know that today is National Scrabble Day?

I decided to play along and join my friend, Charlie at Doodlewash in celebrating a National day today with a doodlewash.  If you want to know more about Charlie or a doodlewash, please check out his awesome blog!

Did you know that Alfred Butts invented the game, Scrabble?  I had no clue…(oh, that’s a different game!)  Mr. Butts was a shy statistician with a degree in architecture, a mathematical mind and an aversion to spelling – go figure!  If you’d like to learn more about this letters game, I’d suggest you check out Wikipedia at this link:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scrabble

Since today is also Charlie’s birthday, I decided to create this message for him:


No butts about it, Charlie is an FANTASTIC artist and a great friend!

HAPPY Birthday Charlie!  🙂


Yesterday, I posted my art journal with a few journal prompts using numbers and today I wanted to show you my completed version:


I was surprised to learn that the game, Yahtzee was promoted by the same person who made a fortune selling the game of BINGO!  😉

Here is a before and after photo so you can see the two journal entries side-by-side:

I have a favorite book that teaches me about toy and game inventors.  It brings back so many wonderful memories of my childhood – much like Charlie’s Doodlewashes  have done this month!


This book by Tim Walsh is really a fun!  I know most of this information is on the internet now but I still like reading REAL books…

Speaking about the roll of the dice in Yahtzee, tonight I drew the winner of the chair bookmark from Thursday’s post:


And Kathrin from Kathrin’s World  is the Winner!  YAY Kathrin!  🙂  Be sure to check out Kathrin’s blog if you haven’t already – she likes humor like me!  hehe!  🙂

Please message me your address on Facebook, Kathrin and I will put your bookmarker in the mail to you! 

Happy Saturday Friends!  And I hope the dice is rolling in your favor!  🙂