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It’s An Enchanting World

A friend let me borrow a book that was well-loved by her children, here is one of the illustrations:

Fairy storybook

It is very old.  It is called, “A Day In Fairyland,” illustrated by Ana Mae Segren and written by Sigrid Rahmas.  It was printed in Sweden.

Last year I took a drawing and painting fairy class from Val Webb and painted this fairy in gouache:

Fairy Ivy completed

Her name is Ivy as she is peering out from the ivy!  I enjoyed painting her eyes especially.

This year, I took another painting class from Val Webb and painted this unicorn:

Finished unicorn

It is also using gouache.  I love the sky!

I enjoy painting the magical world of fairies and unicorns.  It is fun to use my imagination!

Happy Creating!  🙂


A friend of mine suggested this word for a blog post.

Since I have been learning to draw horses, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to use this word.

Horse study

I have been sketching horses for over a week to get to this drawing.  I’m taking a drawing and painting class from Val Webb.

I added a horn to make it a unicorn:

Unicorn Study

This would be a great place to interject the word, “horsefeathers!”  It means:   rubbish; nonsense; bunk (used to express contemptuous rejection).  It comes from 1925-30, Americanism; horse + feathers, as euphemism for horseshit

I know you are wondering about the feathers part…

So I colored one of my Zentangle feathers from the other day.

colored feather on yellow gelli-print

And photographed it on one of my recent gelli-prints.

Here is another photo from a different angle and background:

colored feather on blue gelli-print

It is interesting how the colors of the feather changes depending on the background.

Sometimes we need a little nonsense in our life!  HAPPY Friday!