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My Art Journal Birds

In January, I started keeping a daily art journal.  I have always kept a written journal but I wanted to start including a drawing in my journals.  I have found this experience has really improved my drawing skills.

I thought you might want to see some of the birds that have shown up in my journals:

bird scrap in journal

The above one I created with paper scraps that were lying around.

Here is a more realistic looking Flamingo that I drew:

Flamingo from sketchbook

And sometimes an imaginary bird shows up:

thingamabob bird

I find that when I look back on my completed journals, it’s the images I enjoy the most, such as these:

drawings from journal page - remembering mom

So I decided to sign-up for an online class called:  Sketchbook Skool.  Maybe you have heard of Danny Gregory?  He is the artist who started these online classes.

I’m taking the class called, “Beginnings.”  I have just started watching the videos and I like that I can work at my own pace.  I also like that I can access the class information and videos forever.

So you will be seeing more of my art journals in the future.  Maybe you will want to join a class with me?

Happy Creating!


Here is my Confetti bird, created with scrap paper:

confetti bird

And below is my Confetti quilt that I made in 2009:

quilt wallhanging I did

I had purchase a fancy sewing machine and was starting to take watercolor classes so I combined the two mediums.

Close-up of confetti quilt

Yes, the papers are squares of  a painted watercolor on paper that I cut-up and then sewed to my quilt.  It reminded me of confetti so it became the title for my quilt.  I also added a few beads and sequins for embellishment:

Beadwork on quilt

And I even sewed my name on the back!

Signature on quilt

A blogger friend of mine, creates fabulous experiments on paper that she is going to incorporate into art quilts.  She also draws AMAZING portraits of people.  You may want to check out her blog at Create Art Everyday.  And yes, she does create art every day like me!  🙂

And one more piece of paper  – a Confetti giraffe I created in 2013:

Confetti giraffe better photo

Happy Creating!

The Circus Bird

I completed this collage in 2013 when I was taking an online class from Carla Sonheim, “The Year of the Giraffe.”

flying giraffe

I think the bird riding on the giraffe’s hat is a Kea bird.  Today, I learned that a gathering or group of Kea is called a circus.

Here is a close-up photo of my bird in my collage:

bird on giraffe's head

According to Wikipedia, the Kea is a large species of parrot found in forested and alpine regions of the South Island of New Zealand.  It is the world’s only alpine parrot.  It is a large bird in size – 19 inches long and weighing up to 2 lbs.

Here is a quick sketch I did this morning of a Kea:

Kea bird sketch

Known for their intelligence and curiosity, the Kea is called, “the clown in the mountains.”  It’s urge to explore and manipulate makes the bird a pest for residents and an attraction for tourists.

I did not know when I made this collage in February of 2013 that I would be focusing my art on birds for a whole year.  Maybe this was the beginning of my curiosity:

bird detail on giraffe collage

I find it interesting to see where life leads us on our creative journey.

I am attending Cirque du Soleil’s Varekai on Thursday evening.  I am very excited!  The costuming is spectacular!  I wonder what ideas I will take from this circus for my art!

Happy Creating!

A Northern Flicker

I found this beautiful feather a few years ago:

Northern Flicker Woodpecker feather

And today I looked it up in my book on bird feathers and discovered it was from a Northern Flicker Woodpecker.  I thought it was from a woodpecker but I had no idea that this bird was so beautiful!  I hope you will look it up on the link I provided for you – just click on the underlined word.

Today I decided to make some imaginary feathers with watercolors.  I used a can of compressed air to blow the liquid paint across my paper.  So fun!

Here are my results – the first one is on 300 lb. cold pressed watercolor paper.  I used watercolors and Prismacolor pencils:

brown feather

The second one I used 140 lb. cold pressed watercolor paper.  I added Derwent Inktense pencils after the watercolor:

Red feather

And for the third one, I used 140 lb. hot pressed watercolor paper.  I added water-soluble wax pastels after the watercolor:

Green Feather

Happy Creating!


Owls keep showing up in my art.

This one appeared in my art journal recently.

sketchbook owl

The one below I created in a gelli-printing class last year.  I added some collage elements to it:

Lesson 3 - Owl 1

I made this one in an online class with Carla Sonheim in 2013 – he is a bit wild, don’t you think?

My Owl - smaller format

Then there was the online challenge I did with 2 friends, Corinne and Kathrin.  We created a bird a day for 101 days.  And these guys showed up:

The Hoot Owl Brothers 9-8-14

I took an online class with Diane Culhane called, “Paint Your Garden,” and look who wanted to be included:

The Wise Old Owl

For some reason, I just like making them!

Hank Hoot Owl

Happy Creating!

Fowl Play – Part 2

This post is a continuation of yesterday’s post on the chickens, Wattles and Combs…

Could they be the famous Coach Combs and his Assistant, Wattles – From the ALL-STAR Egg Toss Game?

Sporty Chickens - 4

“Ref, that was a FOUL on my player, Jerry Bird!”

I know!  They must be that FUNNY comedian duo – Wattles and Combs!

Comedian Chickens - 5

Delivering joke on the fly –

Q:  What is the most musical part of a chicken?

A:  The Drumstick!

I hope this chicken humor cracked you up!!!   HAHAHAHA

Fowl Play – Part 1

After my chicken post yesterday, I started thinking about my title – Wattles and Combs…  It sounded somewhat familiar and then it hit me!

Is this Detective Sherlock Combs and his Partner, Dr. Wattles?

Detective chickens - 1

Solving crimes of Poultry I’m sure!

Or are they Wattles and Combs, Bail Bond Lawyers for Jailbirds?

Lawyer Chickens - 2

Helping defendants that have been deemed a high flight risk!

Perhaps they are Chef Combs and Waiter Wattles from the Roost Restaurant?

Cooking Chickens - 3

Come home to the Roost,                                                                                          Friendly smiles give you a boost!                                                                                Where food is served extra hot,                                                                                       But you’ll never find, chicken in a pot!

To be continued….tomorrow!  So stay tuned in for more chicken humor, served with a smile!  🙂

Wattles and Combs

I was drawing a chicken in my sketchbook last night.  It prompted me to google the difference between a Rooster and a Hen.

The obvious difference of course is a Rooster crows and a Hen lays an egg.

But when a chicken is born, how does one tell which one is male and female?

My hen and rooster

Well, it turns out that Roosters have tall, upright and larger combs than hens.  The comb is on top of the chicken’s head.  Also, the wattle which is the lobe that hangs down from the throat of the bird is often very large in a mature rooster compared to the hen.  When a rooster is young, its combs and wattles are redder than a hens.

Just a little chicken trivia for your day!