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Moody Mother Nature

Since my last post, we have had many changes in weather.  It inspired me to draw some of Mother Nature’s moods:


I hope it gives you a smile today!

Cheers! 🙂

A Dust Whirl

In the U.S., a dust whirl is also called a dust devil or a dustnado (a dust tornado).  In Austrailia, they are called, “willy willy” or “whirly whirly.”  (Sounds like one of my weird birds, huh?)  Lol!

According to weather.about.com, “Dust whirls form under clear skies usually in the summer.  These occur when one part of the ground heats up faster than the surrounding ground.  These hot spots then draw in cooler air from around them which causes spiraling of the air.  The column of air stretches vertically, which acts to intensify the spinning effect.  The swirling air is made visible by loose dust, dirt and soil.”

Here is my abstract interpretation in watercolor:


Dust whirls may look like tornadoes (both are rotating columns of wind), but this is where the similarities begin and end.  They are usually harmless and dissipate minutes after forming.

I added soft pastels to my whirl of watercolor:


I experienced a dust whirl as a child when I was lying on a dock and one picked me up and put me in the water.  It was a big surprise!  😉

Sometimes life feels like a whirl wind… I hope you breeze through your day with a smile on your lips and a paint brush in your hand!

Happy Painting!  🙂