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An Abstract View

In May, we start packing up our car and heading to the lake on the weekends.  I thought you might enjoy seeing some of our views from our drive to the lake – in an abstract way!


In the Spring, the wild Lupines grow in the meadows in shades of blue and purple:


As the days get longer and summer arrives, so do fields of daisies and purple wild flowers:


In the fall, the cattails appear growing in a marsh area next to the highway:


I hope you enjoyed the drive!  I’d like to explore these small abstracts in greater detail.  These were done on 6 x 4.5 inch hot press watercolor paper with Neocolor water-soluble crayons.

Happy Exploring!  🙂

Big Bold Blooms

I finished my first flower painting yesterday from an online class I’m taking from Lynn Whipple called, “Big Bold Bloom Wild Painting.” It is a 5-week class that ends next week but I’d really encourage you to take it if you like painting flowers.  Lynn’s enthusiasm is contagious!

Here is my finished painting on a 24 x 30 inch canvas:


It is the first time that I have ever painted flowers this big and I absolutely loved it!  It is amazing how great it looks in my dining room, huh?

I thought you might enjoy seeing some of my progress photos.

I started by creating an underpainting of bold shapes in muted colors and then drew a rough sketch with soft vine charcoal:

I’m using Behr house paint samples from Home Depot which is a fabulous idea from Lynn Whipple.  I also used some of my Golden Fluid Acrylic paints in my next steps:

It was fun to add drips and splatters!  I then painted a soft gray color around the flowers, added a tabletop and some soft pastels:

I continued to tweak it until I was satisfied with it.  I then sprayed it with a fixative which did darken some of the pastels but I am still very pleased with it:

I’d love to hear what you think!

Happy Spring!  🙂

Sketchings of Nature

A friend at the lake brought me a wonderful nest she found on the ground.  It is a cup-shaped nest made out of green moss, pine needles, shredded birch bark or paper, tree lichen, feathers and dog hair.

the nest in a tree photo

I’m not sure yet the kind of bird that created this soft home-tweet-home.  Any guesses?  I had fun photographing it in a variety of settings like on a tree branch.

This prompted me to sketch it in my art journal:

Journal - Nature drawings on May 31st

With a few other wild plants such as:

pink forget me nots and nest

Pink Forget-Me-Nots…

ferns and white trillium flower

White Trillium flowers and unfurling ferns.

wild rose bush

And wild roses that are in bloom!

I hope to paint these subjects individually.  It was fun to draw them in my sketchbook so I will remember to do so!

Doing these sketches reminded me of one of my favorite artists, Marjolein Bastin, who draws and paints nature beautifully.  Do you have a favorite nature artist?  I’d love to hear about it!

Happy Creating!