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A Birthday Bird

Thank goodness this Birthday bird showed up last week!!


Just in time to celebrate my hubby’s birthday!  🙂  Which happened to arrive on Thanksgiving day this year…

So happy it showed up in time with Turkey day and all!  Lol!

My husband used to be a wheat farmer before we got married.  I found a dictionary definition and illustration from a children’s dictionary on a plow which seemed perfect for him:


Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!!

May your day yield a field of happiness!  Cheers!  🙂

Meet Bob’s Cousin!

This is Bob’s Cousin, Dick…

As in un-pre-DICK-able:


One never knows when Dick will just fly in unannounced and spoil the fun…

Like last Saturday when I was hiking on a mountain trail with my hubby and Dick showed up unpreDICKable as always and I slipped and fell…

I didn’t break anything but ended up spraining my left big toe.  I got “the boot” from a trip to the ER:


Here I am at the lake trying to make the best of things…  At lease we had a sunny day!  Lol!

Wishing you a HAPPY day without a visit from Dick…

Cheers Friends!  🙂