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Yesterday, I posted my art journal with a few journal prompts using numbers and today I wanted to show you my completed version:


I was surprised to learn that the game, Yahtzee was promoted by the same person who made a fortune selling the game of BINGO!  😉

Here is a before and after photo so you can see the two journal entries side-by-side:

I have a favorite book that teaches me about toy and game inventors.  It brings back so many wonderful memories of my childhood – much like Charlie’s Doodlewashes  have done this month!


This book by Tim Walsh is really a fun!  I know most of this information is on the internet now but I still like reading REAL books…

Speaking about the roll of the dice in Yahtzee, tonight I drew the winner of the chair bookmark from Thursday’s post:


And Kathrin from Kathrin’s World  is the Winner!  YAY Kathrin!  🙂  Be sure to check out Kathrin’s blog if you haven’t already – she likes humor like me!  hehe!  🙂

Please message me your address on Facebook, Kathrin and I will put your bookmarker in the mail to you! 

Happy Saturday Friends!  And I hope the dice is rolling in your favor!  🙂

Do You Have A Favorite Number?

Some days I struggle with what to draw and write in my art journal.  Does this happen to you too?

Yesterday, I didn’t have much time to create so I gave myself this challenge:


It got me thinking about cre8ting art with numbers.  Lots of possibilities here!  Maybe you would like to play along in your own art journal?

The scraps of paper are props for the start of an animal or face.  What would you draw?

The bingo numbers are a prompt to write about a game that involves numbers.  Did you have a favorite card game?  Perhaps you remember playing Bingo?

The measuring tape box is for making a list of anything but it needs to involve numbers.

And the smallest box is your box of magic – make it anything you’d like – but it does need a number in it!  Perhaps you’d like to write your favorite number in it?

I hope to show you my completed journal page on Saturday!  Stay tuned 4 sure!

Happy Journaling!  🙂