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Oaxacan Inspired

I was inspired by the colors in Oaxaca, Mexico to create this doodle:


And by the amazing hand-painted patterns on wood – such as these Mexican whisks called Molinillos which are used to add froth to hot chocolate or milky coffee:


I will show you more about this fantastic art in my next post!  🙂

Salute!  (Cheers in Spanish!)

Hot Pink Hippos

I loved the hot pink Bougainvillea growing in Oaxaca!  And I found a bright pink wall too…

Hot Pink!  What comes to your mind when you think of this color?  I’d love to hear from you!

As far as hot pink hippos… one of our drawing assignments was to draw a contour of a stuffed animal in Oaxaca.  I kind of fell in love with the hot pink hippo:


Carla Sonheim taught us how to take our drawings a step further and create a colorful animal – a fun way to doodle!  Here is my hippo:


Hip Hip Hoorah, it’s Saturday!  🙂

Enjoy your day!

Tree Shapes

I am waiting for my art supplies to arrive in the mail for my tree class that I told you about yesterday so I decided to explore the shape of trees with some quick sketches.


I purchased this used book from Amazon recently:


It’s silhouettes of tree images helped me greatly!  Here are a few more tree shapes that I colored with color pencils:


One of our assignments for the class was to draw a continuous line of trees – I have to say this is very addicting!


And another one:


There are so many tree varieties in shape, form and color!  So fun to explore…

Happy Drawing!  🙂

A Dipsy-Doodle Bird

Word of the day:  Dipsy-Doodle


Sunny Sunday

Hello Friends!

Welcome to another Sunny Sunday!  A day to enjoy life to the fullest – whatever that means for you!  🙂

For me, it means a day to unplug from the computer and enjoy some “me” time.  Today I’m going to do some reading – I’m reading the book, “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert – have you read it?

And I hope to spend some quality time with my hubby by going for a walk outside – weather permitting!

2016-1-8 Colbie Caillat and journal play for Sunny Sunday

Speaking of relaxing, I created this drawing in my journal this week while I was listening to the album, “Coco” by Colbie Caillat.  It was fun to experiment with some new art mediums such as Prismacolor markers, new colors of Tombow markers and a Lamy fountain ink pen!  Whahooo!

Other art mediums I used were color pencils, a gold gel pen, collage papers and a black Zig writer pen.

Wishing you a sunny day!  🙂

Green Apples

My 3 candle experiment today – playing with patterns and color:


The colors remind me of GREEN or Granny Smith APPLES!

Delicious in an apple pie with a hint of cinnamon and a scoop of  Vanilla Bean ice cream!  Yum!

Have a HAPPY day!  😊🍏😊

3 Candles

Sometimes it is fun to take one subject and create it in different art mediums.

I drew 3 candles – as blind contours that is without looking at my paper.

The first drawing I did in my sketchbook and colored them with Neocolors:


The second one, I drew on 140 lb cold press watercolor paper:


I think I like the second one in watercolor best.

I hope to experiment in other mediums this weekend.

A Red Blend

I was doing blind contour drawings of a red wine bottle in my sketchbook and added some watercolor:


I really like how the colors blend into each other – much like a bottle of Cab-Merlot, don’t you think?

I decided to add some color pencil to them to see how it would change them:


Sorry the light isn’t better!  They look totally different now – what do you think?

Fun to experiment!  😄

Cheers!  🍷

A Heart of Gratitude

I was playing in my sketchbook after a long day.

I added this favorite quote by Melody Beattie:


It says:  “Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life!

It turns what we have into enough, and more –

It can turn a meal into a feast,

A house into a home,

A stranger into a friend.”

May you find gratitude in the simple joys of your life!  🌈

Happy Creating!  😊🎨

Go Cougs!


My husband and I got to attend a football game on Saturday at Washington State University (WSU) in Pullman.

It was a beautiful fall day – sunny and warm for our car ride.  We saw many wheat fields in the Palouse:


It was fun to attend a game to support the Cougars – even though we did not attend college there!


There were many students at this game against the Oregon State Beavers, as you can see in the above photo.

My husband and I enjoyed cheering on the WSU Cougars – Go Cougs!


I decided it would be fun to try drawing a Beaver:


And a Cougar – in my sketchbook:


It really helped to do some practice sketches first:



We were happy that the Cougars beat the Beavers, 52 to 31!  YAY!


Cheering YOU on for a FANtastic day!  😊

Happy Monday!  🏈😄❤️