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Sketching Flowers


I started with a quick charcoal sketch in my sketchbook:


Then a quick contour sketch in pen:


Some blind contour sketches that look kind of strange:


Colored my contour ink drawing with Neocolors:


And softened them with water:


Wishing you a sunny Saturday!

Happy Sketching! ¬†ūüíź

How Are You Feeling?

I love color!¬† It can brighten up my day when I’m feeling a bit moody:

completed circles - 4

I started this mixed media piece by painting shapes on a 140 lb hot press paper with a cheap set of watercolors and Neocolor wax pastels.  I softened the wax pastels with a little water to brighten the shapes.  After it dried, I drew a face with a Zig writer pen:

face over colored shapes - 1

Next, I started adding circles of color with my Prismacolor pencils:

colored pencil dots - 2

I kept adding more color pencil and watched how the colors affected the mood of the drawing:

more circles of color - 3

This was a really fun experiment!  I hope it brightens your day!

completed circles - 4

Happy Creating!¬† ūüôā

3 Wild Pears!

Remember my pear doodles?  If not, you see my beginning here.

Well, I got all three done recently:

Pear Doodle without shading

Don’t they look totally WILD!¬† ūüôā

I am “Pear-fectly pleased how they turned out!

I still want to do some shading with pencil to add to their dimension but I was so excited to get them done, I had to show you!

I thought you might enjoy seeing my favorite paper that I like for creating my doodles:

my favorite doodle paper

It comes in different sizes and I think you can get it cheaper at Dick Blick online.  I got this one at my local art supply store.

The pens I used for this doodle are Zig Writer and Micron.

I would love to know what you think about it!

Happy Creating!¬† ūüôā

It’s A Real Hoot!

Today is “Draw A Bird Day,” that Laura at Create Art Everyday has continued as an art challenge on the 8th of each month.¬†¬†Any medium is acceptable and all bloggers are welcome to participate.¬† I encourage you to do so!¬† ūüôā

I wanted to create something a little different for my bird.  Since it is the month of October, I decided on an owl.

I started by drawing the outline of my owl with a Zig writer pen and coloring it with Neocolor wax pastels:

Owl in neocolor - 1

I used a photo reference from a beautiful¬†book I purchased from Amazon called, “Owls,” by Marianne Taylor.¬† It has “owl-mazing” color photographs in it!¬† I chose my own color palette of course…

I softened my neocolors with water and added white highlights to the eyes with a gel pen:

My wild owl completed

Lots of color!¬† Just what I like – it’s a real hoot, don’t you think?!

Happy Bird Day!¬† ūüôā

Pear Chutney

Did you know that chutneys are of East Indian origin?  I love to make them for their mix of sweet and sour ingredients.

The October issue of Cooking Light magazine has a delicious looking “Pear Chutney” recipe that I’d like to try.¬† They suggest serving¬†their recipe¬†with the bread, naan.¬† I also like to serve¬†chutneys with pork chops and chicken.¬† How about you?

I started creating this pear doodle recently:

3 doodle pears - 1 done

It reminds me a little of a chutney –¬†a “mixture” of patterns and lines.

I like the shapes too.¬† The first one has a typical pear shape and looks rather “sweet.”¬† The next 2 pears add a little “spice.”¬† What do you think?

It is a work in process so I will post the completed piece when I get it done.

Happy Creating!¬† ūüôā

Leave It To Me – Part 2

Yesterday, I showed you one of my leaf experiments.  Today I will show you another one in different colors and leaves.

Here is the beginning:

leaf print 2 - 1

I really love the colors in this one!

So I didn’t add too many layers to it:

leaf print 2 - 2

Outlining with a¬†black pen really adds to it, don’t you think?

It reminds me of crunching through a pile of leaves on a fall day.

I like this saying by Albert Camus:                                                                        Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.

Happy Fall, Yee all!¬† ūüôā

Leave It To Me – Part 1

I love fall and the leaves changing colors!  This has inspired me to do some experimental leaf printing.

In some ways, my finished piece looks a little like a map:

leaf print 1 - 4

I started by painting leaves from my yard with acrylic paint and then stamping them onto cold press 140 lb watercolor paper.  I then added some wax pastel crayons to the printed leaves and a little watercolor paint to my paper:

leaf print 1 - 1

I liked how this looks but wanted to add definition with a black pen – I used a Zig Writer 0.5 mm ink pen for outlining:

leaf print 1 - 2

I then added another layer of watercolor:

leaf print 1 - 4

And finished it by outlining the color changes with my black pen.

The colors feel like summer as it starts to change to fall.

Would love to know what you think!

Happy Creating!¬† ūüôā