Connecting the Dots

On my trip to Oaxaca, Mexico in March, I was inspired by color and patterns.  Here is a photo of black pottery on a turquoise background:

black pottery from Oaxaca

I also met many talented ladies in our group and hope I can continue our friendships.

One such friend was Dot.  I was amazed by her beautiful handmade art journal that she  brought with her and she was really good about creating art in it each day of our trip!  🙂

So I asked if she would make me one!  And she said, “Yes!”  I was very excited when this beautiful journal arrived in my mailbox in April:


In exchange for this art journal, I made her this bracelet and earrings – we both love the color orange!  I had to add a few Oaxaca colors to the mix too:


Many of you may not know that I used to make and sell my handmade jewelry.  But I kind of got burnt out on it.  I found it frustrating that people didn’t want to pay for all the time and cost I put into a piece.  I realize now that I was probably in the wrong market.  Anyway, I still have LOTS of beads!  So I enjoyed creating this set for my new friend, Dot.

I loved my new journal but I needed an idea to get me started.  So when Sharon Mann mentioned on her blog that she was starting a new journal with her daughter and niece using the color turquoise on each page, I asked if I could join in the fun!  (Be sure to check out Sharon’s blog if you haven’t already!!  She is one very talented lady and a wonderful friend!)  I was happy that Sharon agreed that I could join her.  🙂

Here is the first page of my new journal:


Now I’m very excited to fill my pages with art!  Sometimes all it takes is one idea to connect the dots and get me started, how about you?

Happy Creating!  🙂

31 responses to “Connecting the Dots

  1. What a beautiful project — not just the art journal, but the entire process involved here. The friendships, the gifts, the shared inspirations. I hope you’ll be showing off many more pages from this “Turquoise Journal”.

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  2. Sounds wonderful Jill! Never knew you made jewelry. You’re talented on so many levels!! Love those blues and looking forward to seeing what you and Sharon get up to. Lovely journal too! 💜💜💜

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  3. Patricia G Bleecher

    Oaxaca ! What a wonderful experience on so many levels…thanks for sharing once again, Jill.

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  4. Mexico clearly inspired you! And making jewelry too? You are so creative. I look forward to see more, xo Johanna

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  5. OH WOW! Your talents NEVER cease!!! What an AMAZING gift from your friend Dot (and to her!) and what a special tribute to our sweet friend Sharon! One of these days – us girls are going to all get together on an WP art friends retreat! I just know it – and oh the hugs and wine and laughter and fun we will have. Such joy!

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  6. Aww I never knew you love beads and made jewelries too. 🙂 🙂 🙂 That journal seems to have a very happy, colorful vibe in it. With friendships, projects and sharing, it will definitely have one great memorable journey.

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  7. What beautiful gifts …the journal and jewelry. I love your first page. It is sometimes hard to get started in a new journal and this one is so beautiful. Nice work!

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  8. Hi Jill, what a newsy post today. Thank you for mentioning our journal fun with a link to my blog. I’m working on my journal this morning. Your jewelry is gorgeous, Dot will love it. And, your first entry in the “turquoise” journal is inspiring. Have a fab day!

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    • Hi Sharon! 😊 I look forward to seeing what you created in your journal today! 💜 I had a great day at the lake. The rain stopped so I could plant some flowers and be outside. ☀️ Happy you like the start of my journal! 😍💜🌈


  9. Fun post and colorful! I didn’t know that you had worked with jewelry, love that necklace and earrings, very colorful. I have ‘dot connecting” discoveries in my artistic life and still connecting the dots!

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    • Thank you Margaret! 🌈💜 I think that is what makes art so fun – how one idea will lead to something else entirely! Happy you enjoy connecting the dots of discovery too!! 💖🎨😊

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  10. Wow! What a fantastic artistic swap! So cool… I love that bracelet. It’s beautiful! You should definitely start making them again!! 😍

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  11. You have such fabulous creative adventures. Love the trade you made, both the jewelry and the art journal are so beautiful. Your enjoyment of pattern, color, and texture comes through in your jewelry as well as your photographs. You new journey with Sharon and the color turquoise sounds brilliant! Happy adventures and thank for sharing!

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  12. Love your enthusiasm for your art Jill, you are an inspiration.

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