Experimenting With Watercolor

In preparation for World Watercolor Month that starts tomorrow, July 1st, I decided to experiment with my paints!  You can find out more about it here:  https://doodlewash.com/world-watercolor-month-july-2016/

World Watercolor Month was created by Charlie O’Shields at Doodlewash.com!  YAY Charlie!

Sometimes it is just plain fun to mix colors in transparent and opaque paints and make patterns using different sized brushes.

I was inspired by this book to give this project a try:


These were the different sized brushes I used:


I selected 3 different papers.  The first one was new to me.  I recently purchased “Khadi” paper from Amazon for another project.  I wanted to see how the paper would absorb the watercolor.  I also used Fabriano hot and cold-press paper.  All the paper was 140 lb.


I also decided to experiment with both transparent watercolor (I primarily use Winsor and Newton) and opaque (gouache) watercolor.  I have some student grade gouache paints from Reeves that are OK but I wanted to try my recent splurge of professionally grade ones from Holbein.

Here are my experiments:

Khadi cold-press paper:


This paper was fun to use but took a lot of water.  Therefore, the intensity of my transparent paints on the left look pretty similar to the opaque ones on the right.

Fabriano cold-press paper:


As you can see above, my opaque colors are much more intense on the right side of this paper.  I also noticed a big difference in quality using the Holbein Gouache.

Fabriano hot-press paper:


The Fabriano hot-press paper had similar results in intensity as the cold-press paper to me.

It was very meditative to do this experiment.  I am sure I will refer back to it in the future for different color combinations.

I hope you will be splattering the watercolor paints along with me in July!

Happy Painting!  🙂

29 responses to “Experimenting With Watercolor

  1. I love these Jill…all of them. You’re off to a good start! (K)

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  2. This is a fun exercise and extremely helpful as a color reference table. Love your design patterns they look so pretty.

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  3. Thanks for sharing Jill! I wish I had the patience to do – appreciate viewing this!!!

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  4. Hi Jill – I love the design you created experimenting with your paint and paper. Wonderful color collaboration.

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  5. You did a wonderful job with this, Jill, and thanks for all of the helpful information too! ❤

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    • Well, I’m sure most people are familiar with the info like you but it was very helpful for me to do this – and quite meditative too! 😃 Glad you liked it, Laura. 💕🎨


  6. You always come up with excellent book ideas!! Love your swatches, it would make great fabric…xoxoxo

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  7. Very cool! I love how you, Laura, and Jessica, among others, are sharing your knowledge gained from experimentation with us. Plus, these are really beautiful! ❤

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  8. This is awesome!! Yay to experimentation! That’s the spirit of the month! hehe And these total need to become a fabric. Beautiful! 😃💕

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  9. Its going to be fun!! Good start, experiment and away we go…..

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  10. Jill I love your experiments! Great patterns and colors! 💕

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  11. Great preparation and patterns!

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  12. These are awesome Jill could see them as cards, canvas art, cushions practically anything, just gorgeous.

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