An Artistic Confession

I have a confession to make…

I’ve always wanted to be able to draw pretty faces ever since I was a young girl… BUT my faces always looked much like this drawing (eyes closed):


Until recently, drawing a face (or two or three!) EVERY DAY has really improved my drawing skills!  PRACTICE really does makes a difference!

PLUS, learning from other artists in books, YouTube videos, online classes… thank goodness there are SOOOO many great ways to learn to draw (faces) today!

I drew this face with pencil last week and I hope to paint it with watercolor:


She is my first face that I’ve drawn that I have REALLY liked loved!!  I am a little scared to paint in watercolor as I don’t want to mess her up.  I think I will scan my drawing first so I have a future reference.  🙂

My second face, I also created with pencil and used an Elegant Writer pen (with water) to create the black lines:


She reminds me of a flower, opening its petals to reveal its inner beauty – much like I hope my art does with continuous practice!

I know I have SO MUCH MORE TO LEARN but I feel like I’m starting to create some pretty faces…

Do you have a subject that YOU would like to learn how to draw better?!  I hope you give it a try!!  (And I’d love if you shared it with me!)

Cheers! 🙂

28 responses to “An Artistic Confession

  1. She is beautiful.! Can’t wait to see her painted!!!

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  2. Well Done, Jill! Your faces are coming along in leaps and bounds! I agree, practice does indeed make all the difference! So glad to hear you’ve found enjoyment in your results, it’s so encouraging to look at something you’ve done and really LOVE it! 😉

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    • Thank you Hilda! I appreciate your kind comments. 😊 I hope that some day I will capture the emotion in people’s faces. You seem to do this very well. Have you taken any online art classes?

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      • I am largely self- taught and I work mostly from photographic references. Capturing emotions is tough! You have to be extremely accurate with their features – a hair off and often it’s a whole different expression! I DID take a portraiture course in acrylics online, from a guy named Will Kemp. (Will Kemp Art School) He’s a great guy and I recommend him to anyone who cares to listen 😉 He has lots of free you-tube videos as well as classes you pay for and tips and help for all sorts of things, drawing etc.

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      • Thanks for the info on Will Kemp! I will check out his videos. 😊

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      • I think you’ll really enjoy his content, Jill! He’s a great teacher and his work is just wonderful – not to mention the fact that he answers ALL the millions of comments he gets on his website 🙂

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  3. These are really beautiful Jill! Yes, I always wanted to do more portrait like faces. It’s just another level in skill I always wanted to achieve. You are so right! Practice every day does make such a difference!

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  4. Suzanne Ourth

    Thank you so much Jill for taking me along your creative journey! I can see how your faces get better over the weeks!
    I feel very attracted to faces too and started a little journal with faces last year which I almost filled. I want to take Lynn Whipple’s class to practice more faces again. You really inspired me to take this class!
    I love animals, flowers, still life, but not so much landscape… I painfully realized this again while I am travelling: I tried a few… not very succesfull… and my heart wasn’t really there!
    Keep doing your wonderful faces!

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    • Thank you Suzanne for your encouraging words! 😄 I am so excited for Lynn’s face class too! 🎨👍 I think it fabulous that you have a journal filled with faces. 😊💕 And landscapes are not easy for me to draw either.


  5. Lovely drawings Jill. I think people are the hardest thing to draw and you’ve done an excellent job here…

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  6. Suzanne Ourth

    Thank you for your comment Jill! I am rather excited about this class too!
    I am not able to like your post as i have no wordpress account, but I always read your answers!💜

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  7. I think you have captured a pensive emotion in both of them. I’m particularly drawn to the second one. (K)

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  8. Beautiful drawings, it feels as though those eyes are looking right through me, very pretty.
    Have a nice weekend.

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  9. I’ve always gravitated towards faces too, especially the eyes. Yours are very well done. I hope you are encouraged enough to keep at it. I find women are easier for me than men. My men never look “mannish” enough!😊

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    • Yes, I think it is the eyes and the lips! 😊 I am doing the 100 day project on Instagram so still have a ways to go – think I have done about 43 faces… Thanks Nancy for your kind comments. 💗😊

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  10. Jill They are beautiful, keep stretching your amazing talents.

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  11. Each so different and well done. I love learning in my own time whatever you want to learn next. Looking forward to seeing your watercolors.

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  12. She’s beautiful Jill! Be careful with the watercolor. If you pencil lead was really soft, the picture might get a bit muddy. Good job!

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