Expressionist Scribble

Yesterday, I tried my hand at asemic writing.  According to Wikipedia, “It is a wordless open semantic form of writing…”



“It may flow as an abstract expressionist scribble which resembles writing but avoids words.”


Watercolor, Purple India Ink, Acrylic Bronze Paint

”The key to asemic writing is that even though it is traditionally “unreadable” it still maintains a strong attractive appeal to the reader’s eye.”


Watercolor And Elegant Writer Pen

”It seeks to make the reader hover between reading and looking.  All of this is similar to the way one would deduce meaning from an abstract work of art.”

I didn’t actually write words with meaning until this last one:


Watercolor And Elegant Writer Pen

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Cheers! 🙂

28 responses to “Expressionist Scribble

  1. That’s really cool stuff. Thanks for introducing it to us.

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  2. I love your experimentation, Jill. Happy heart today!

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  3. Very cool! I go to bed a little smarter tonight. Thanks Sharon! 😉

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  4. Oops…I saw Sharon’s photo above…but Jill, that message was meant for you! Have a great day. I always enjoy your posts!

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  5. How fun and evocative!

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  6. Nice!! Happy Valentine’s Day Jill and Tom!

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  7. Hi Jill,
    I never heard of asemic writing either! I particularly like your page with the bronze paint and the strong vertical ink lines as well as the one with the scribbly lines made with the writer pen!
    You are so full of creative energy and I think it shows in the beautiful new picture of yourself which I discovered just now! I imagine you creating all day! I loved the winter scene very much which you made the other day and liked the book you shared, looks like an interesting one! I think I must put it on my wishlist!
    Happy Valentine’s day to you too!

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    • Thank you Suzanne for your nice comments! 😘💕 I hope you give asemic writing a try! The book I recommended also has some examples of the asemic writing. I thought it would be fun to add to my collages. 😊 I do try to create a little art each day as it brings me joy! 🎨💕 Wishing you a happy heart day too! 😍


  8. That’s a new one for me. I like the results, especially the vertical ones. And a great Valentine! (K)

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  9. That’s very cool, Jill!! 💙😊
    The watercolor and elegant writer pen really pulled me in. Thank you for sharing!
    Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day my friend. 🌸💗💕

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  10. I love how often you experiment with materials and ideas, Jill. It does get one thinking and wanting to run up to the art space! The colors of the first one and last one are so pretty! Happy Vaelntine’s Day to you too!

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  11. I have always been drawn to that!!! Happy ❤ Day! Sending LOVE!

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  12. I’ve never heard of this, but it looks like fun! I do like the love one!!!

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