Nature’s Treasures

I found it so relaxing last week to paint seeds, pods and berries that I decided to try painting some of nature’s treasures I found at the lake.  I painted these in my art journal:


I enjoyed this very much so I decided to try another one yesterday at home:


Would you purchase a card or something with this type of artwork?  I’d love to get your ideas!

Happy Painting!  🙂

29 responses to “Nature’s Treasures

  1. lovely and soft, with a calm and Zen like feeling to them Jill. Love them!!!

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  2. Very, very nice, Jill 🙂

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  3. I like these Jill, like a tray of goodies, reminds me of being a child and going on nature walks, then given the challenge to identify items at the end 😀

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  4. beautiful pieces of nature made even more beautiful by your art. I think these types of cards are beautiful – especially when people add words in beautiful cursive or penmanship zigging and zagging all around the objects!

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  5. So different form your usual work! I like it a lot. But I suspect your birds are more ‘commercial” …does that make sense?

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  6. Beautiful and I love the shadows! I tend to agree with Johanna, Jill. Your birds, particularly your “weird” and mixed media ones, are so cool and so uniquely you. They have personality and make a strong statement and really stand out in the crowd. I think you’d do wonderfully with those and that they would be perfect cards to send for so many occasions, because your birds have such different, fun personalities. I think the birds would translate better to cards for this reason, if that makes sense? 💜💜💜

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  7. Beautiful an delicate, thanks for sharing Jill.

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  8. it looks so real that it seems I can grab the stones off the paper 🙂

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  9. Lately, my comments have been going to spam and I never know when or where it will happen. So I’m gonna restate this in case it’s gone forever, and not even in spam. Jill, I love your work, but I wanted to echo Johanna’s comment and say that your birds, particularly your weird birds, are to me, your sweet spot. And your artwork that you call doodles too, really stands out to me too (that is totally art, we could never come close, never seen anything like your “doodles”, they’re spectacular). But you mentioned cards and if I were you, I would put your birds, esp the ones you call weird birds, on cards. They all have such cool personalities and they are uniquely you. They are bold and catchy and cute and fun and IMO they embody who you are, they carry your essence to the viewer and bring an automatic smile. To me, perfect to send a card for any reason to almost anyone, from age 9 to 99. You incorporate so many mediums and colors and pop and sizzle to them. So if I were your marketing manager and you wanted me to make cards from your work, I would take the weird birds first! Not saying you don’t have lots of stuff to work with, but they’d be my first run. Birds are just cool and so many people love them. But beyond cool, your birds are unique and they are full of joy and to me, that is what it’s all about. Ok I really hope WP doesn’t delete this one too! 💜

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  10. Painting for Joy

    Very definitely yes!!!! Beautiful watercolors Jill. 💕👍🏻

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  11. These are lovely!! Love the shadows too! Definitely great for a card! 😍

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  12. So beautiful! (K)

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