Cute Critters

I’ve been taking an online watercolor class from Danielle Donaldson.  It is fun to learn to paint in someone else’s style.  I hope to apply bits and pieces to my own style.

I don’t paint a lot of “cute” but these critters were fun to do – a bear:


And a hound dog:


They might make fun cards when I need to cheer someone up – like YOU!

Cheers!  🙂

19 responses to “Cute Critters

  1. These are wonderful, Jill!

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  2. They are adorable Jill! Love that style.

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  3. These are indeed cheerful and would brighten up even the darkest day for someone. Such fun they must have been to create 🙂

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  4. They are so stinkin cute!

    Hope you’re feeling better! xx

    I’ve been looking at a couple of online watercolor courses. I should make the decision to do one!

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  5. They are so uniquely you, I adore them, I know I say it often but Picture book characters for sure Jill!

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  6. Oh Jill you do paint 🎨 cute things dear 💜 your Wednesday birds were so cute and fun loving. These two are just adorable 😍 love your style texture on background!

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  7. Aaaaw, that little dog is just tooooooo cute!!! Love it! That would surely sell on Society6 – I don´t remember, do you have a shop there already? Also love the colors and the patterns in the first one – beautiful!!! ❤️💕

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    • Thank you Ann 😊 I don’t have a shop on Society 6 – I guess I’m still trying to figure out my style. 💕❤ Thank you for your kind comments. 😍 Do you sell a lot of your beautiful artwork at Society 6?

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      • No, unfortunately not… But 1-4 items a month, which is a joy anyway. But as you get not very much money for each item, financially it´s not even worth mentioning. Maybe with putting more and more stuff up there, the selling grows… I´m selling on Dawanda too, I don’t know if that exists in the US… There I´m selling more, but I have to get my stuff printed first, which is always an investment and therefore a little risky… The best is selling on small regional design markets, I guess because it´s an occasional thing and not always there. You have to quickly grab the items as a customer before they are gone… 😊

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      • Thank you Ann for sharing this with me. Selling can be an art in itself. 😊 I think its great you are able to sell your art online! 🎨👍

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      • Thank you, Jill! Yes, selling seems to be the hardest part…

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