Art – As A Distraction

I started one of my doodles recently… Knowing I would need a distraction:



I’m trying to prepare for foot surgerythe fusing of big toe on my left foot due to arthritis.

I try to keep my blog positive and not share this part of my life with you as I know we ALL have our problems!    And yet, I feel I need to share this part of my life with you now – not for your pity but for your understanding.  I live with chronic pain and osteoarthritis – why I create art with humor!  🙂

I’m scheduled for surgery on my left big toe, March 23rd.  I could use your good thoughts and prayers.

I have put off surgery for five years but I still worry about it.  Two weeks at home and at least six more weeks (plus or minus) recovery time.  Yes, I can drive after two weeks since it is my left foot.  😉

I’ve tried to plan ahead and stock the freezer and the cupboard for my hubby so he doesn’t have to get much take-out.  I’ve tried to get caught up with housework and laundry.  I have tried to get caught up at work (we work together).   And yet, I still think of things I didn’t do!

I will post a weird bird on Wednesday and maybe throw in a couple of unexpected posts here and there for a couple of weeks!  And I’m hoping I can get caught up with your blogs during this time!  🙂

I’d love it if you started a doodle to share with me!

Cheers!  🙂

31 responses to “Art – As A Distraction

  1. Ear Jill my thoughts and prayers are with you .Thanks for your trust telling this about you . Soon I ll send you a foto of my doodle .. and more about it soon .. that’s good you start this way .. by chance you have a good hoppy .. head up .. we are beside you .. love andrea ( just had a strange pneumonia.. and feel much better as you will do as well !!)

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    • Thank you Andrea for your good wishes. 💜 Sorry to hear you just had pneumonia but happy you are feeling better! 😃 I will look forward to seeing your doodle! 🎨👍


  2. Oh sweet Jill – chronic pain is so difficult and yet you remain so positive most of the time. Don’t be hard on yourself. You are human and you are allowed to get down. And your hubby will be just fine. Let him take care of you for a bit. Find something you can do resting. Maybe binge watch a series on Netflix or read a good book you’ve not had time for. Take advantage of the time to treat you with something special. Don’t worry about following your readers if your heart isn’t in it. We will understand and be here when you are ready. Will miss if I don’t hear from you lol but will surely understand. Hope it goes well and you recover fully and quickly. Sending love and hugs. Xo. Jodi

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  3. I wish you the best during your surgery and after. It sounds like you have prepared well and that is the most important part. No one can think of everything though, so just let go and let it be what it is. The last time I had surgery I kept a sketchbook nearby so I could doodle and while I was watching TV, I jotted down so many funny and random ideas that came to me especially during commercials! Or I’d stop a program and draw a particularly interesting face. I too have chronic pain, and like you, humor gets me through; humor and root beer floats.

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    • Thank you for your understanding and encouragement! 😊 I like your idea of keeping a sketchbook close by to jot down ideas and doodle or draw in. I will do this too! 🎨👍 Sorry to hear that you live with pain also – humor does wonders, doesn’t it?! 😃


  4. Will gladly pray for your surgery.

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  5. Praying for a successful surgery and healing for you! So sorry to hear about your having to endure chronic pain. Sending hugs too!

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  6. Creating art is the best medicine.. A long time living with pain, wishing you the best outcome, good wishes, prayers to you for a speedy recovery.. Make sure your stocked up with plenty of art supplies during recovery! Keep us posted!

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  7. Sending good thoughts for your surgery. You are such a positive and happy person; it’s good that you’re getting this over with. N. and (K)

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  8. Be sure my thoughts are with you then. I wish you all the best and get well very very soon!

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  9. Best wishes for uncomplicated healing. I have a similar condition on my right foot big toe. ( no surgery anticipated at the moment thank goodness). It’s sending good thoughts your way. Xoxo

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  10. Oh my gosh! Dear Jill my thoughts and prayers are always with you friend. Don’t worry at all it will be all right. Have some good rest in this time. Off course we’ll miss you but as you said I’ll look forward to your weird bird Wednesday 😀 ohh yes if you get bored you can just message me on Facebook, we can chat 😀 I’ll give you a company. Keep us updated. Hugs 🤗

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    • Thanks so much my dear friend, Snehal! ❤ I so appreciate your kindness and good wishes. It won’t be easy to take a break but I hope in time the pain will be less in my foot so I can enjoy walking again. I will friend you on Facebook, OK? 😃

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  11. Sorry to hear you have been suffering so long and pray the surgery will bring you complete relief in that area! Of course many prayers will come your way for surgery and a quick recovery. You are a smart lady – laughter is indeed the best medicine! 💐💖

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  12. You are one tough lady to battle chronic pain, Jill. You will be able to conquer surgery as well with flying colors. Please don’t worry as much. You hubby can take care of the adulting so you can rest and recover. Looking forward on the weird bird and more things to smile and laugh about. ❤

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