Stop A Moment

I created this journal page before my surgery using this foam stamp, that I showed you how to make previously here.


Instead of using paint, I stamped my paper with gesso and then finished it with watercolor.

Today, I wrote this quote by Leo Tolstoy:


I have been forced to stop a moment as I recover from foot surgery and I miss my daily art practice a great deal.  I realize it has only been a week since the surgery yet I long to be able to sit again at my art table without my foot screaming in pain.  I must be patient…

Taking a break does have a positive aspect too as it allows time for me to evaluate where I am currently on my art journey and where I would like to be headed in the future.

Do you take the time to assess your creative practice from time to time?  I realize that it’s not easy for me to do this assessment but important.

Cheers!  🙂

17 responses to “Stop A Moment

  1. Beautiful Jill. Did you allow the gesso to dry first before WC?

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  2. Beautiful art, Jill. You experiment loads so you are for sure on a great art path. Maybe take this time to think of new things to paint. What about more detailed backgrounds for your birds.

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  3. That’s a creative idea, Jill! I really empathize your pain as I had foot surgery several years ago myself. The recovery time wasn’t as long as I expected it to be, but the first week or so was tough. Hang in there! I had bunion surgery; what did you have done?

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  4. I liked this colorful swirls 😀
    Ohh yes I would say take enough rest now, so it will help to recover fast.
    I agree self assessment of artwork is equally important with daily practice.

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  5. There are milestones or intersections that come along in life and seems like circumstances offer you a choice, a pause for reflection, and new aspects open up. Health issues did this for me and I otherwise might not have stopped to consider my path. This sounds like your situation and I am sure your hiatus will be useful. And, I hope your toe is healing well.

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    • Well said, Claudia! 😊 I sometimes forget that it is OK to pause and that I don’t have to always be DOING. Sometimes it is the quiet moments of rest that can benefit me the most. I appreciate your word of wisdom. 🎨👍

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      • I know just what you mean, the doing being hard to break into. Your experiences ring a bell with me. My health issues have taught me that pauses sometimes accomplish more than doing. Now, I’m trying to keep it in mind in regular life, without having to have something fall off me to get me to stop moving!

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      • Ha! I know what you mean!! 😉


  6. hope you are better now.
    what a great stamp Jill! and yes. yes. yes. to the pausing and resting, being still. for a moment.
    we’ve been, I think…… brain washed all these years into believing that if we’re not so busy we can’t see straight, then we don’t deserve or haven’t earned any value. thats just not the truth. So…. I LOVED your post Jill!! Cheers, Debi 🙂

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    • Hi Debi! 😃 Getting better a little each day. I’m looking forward to getting my stitches out next Wed although I will still have to wear the boot for another month. I agree with you about how society brainwashes us into thinking our value relies on how busy we are… certainly not true. I had a better day today. Thanks for your kind words of encouragement! 😊💕

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