Pen Guan or Penguin?

Yesterday I sewed my mini quilt that I started back in January.  I have not done much sewing in quite awhile and I don’t think I have ever made a traditional quilt as I am not one to follow the “rules.”  So I was very pleased with my results.

First, I cut the fabric into strips and sewed it around my bird:

Sewn bird top for QA Apr 2015 challenge

Next, I added the batting to the middle and cloth to the back to create a quilt sandwich.  I quilted the 3 layers by outlining my bird with black thread and using a squiggly stitch around the bird:

outlined bird and quilted top

I need to finish the edges and embellish it with beads and then I will be ready to submit an image for the Quilting Arts Magazine challenge!

I was thinking about a title for my piece.  The bird looks a little like a Penguin to me.  But since it is imaginary, I was thinking that maybe I need to make up a name for it.

Pen Guan came to mind.  Since I drew it with a pen.  The Guan is an actual bird that resembles a turkey.  You can see what one looks and sounds like here:

It sounds a little like a barking dog to me…

What title do you think I should give my quilt?

4 responses to “Pen Guan or Penguin?

  1. Whatever you call it, this is a fun work of art!

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  2. Thank you! I would love to know your first name if you are willing to share it with me?


  3. This is so beautiful that it made me wanna go quilt right away! So gorgeous and bright and lively. I love everything about it. I think the name you chose is good because it’s a fun piece and a fun name. I can’t think of anything better. Thanks for sharing this!

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  4. Thank you Laura for your kind comment! I’m glad you like it! 😊


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