Happy Accidents

Yesterday, I had an “Ah-Ha! moment when I was cleaning up after finger painting for Carla Sonheim’s new online class, which you can find here.

I had all this leftover paint on my plastic palette, that I didn’t want to waste:

color palette for abstract

So I took a sheet of paper and pressed it into the paint!

painting with leftover paint from palette

I got all these cool squiggles and layers of color!

experimental print

So I pressed a larger sheet, 9 x 12 inches and got this abstract:

abstract better photo

I added a few lines with my fingernail for trees, dabbed on a little paint with a sponge for leaves and stood back in amazement!

It looks like a lake with the trees reflecting into the water.  What do you think?!

Happy Experimenting!  :-)))

32 responses to “Happy Accidents

  1. These are great. Yes to water and trees!
    I take watery paints that are leftover and drip them onto rice paper. I haven’t done anything with them yet, but they look like all kinds of possibilities. You’ve given me some more ideas…(K.)

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  2. I can definitely see the lake and the trees, starting to show their fall foliage, edging up to the water’s edge. And I see just a hint of a path heading through the wooded area. Makes me want to go exploring!

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  3. Yes! It totally does! Pretty amazing, Jill! Love it! Wow, can’t believe it all happened by accident. Very cool! :)))))

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  4. Hi Jill – yes, a happy accident/experiment, those are always the best. When I taught art to kids they would naturally never waste a drop of paint and stamp their palettes on everything. And, the cherry on top was always glitter.
    The very best thing is you are having so much fun and joyful creating. Looking forward to seeing more of your happy accidents.

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  5. Woah!! That’s so cool!!

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  6. Yes it does..fabulous! We had better shift to fingerpaint! I really like how it turned out.


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  7. O M G – How I love what resulted!!!! I could totally picture that hanging in an art museum with a bench in front of it and people staring at it and marveling at how you created…. and all by “accident” – NOT! It is your creative mind that brings such art to everything you touch! WOWSERS! You are amazing!

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  8. I love that! I often have paint left over after painting. Reminds me of gelli printing that I see in the art journal world.

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    • Thanks Kari! I usually brush the leftover paint onto another canvas or paper. Pressing my paper was something new. So simple and yet the results were so cool. Much like Gelli printing but more spontaneous. I love Gelli printing too. ❤️🎨😄

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  9. Jill you AMAZE me!! This is a phenomenal result! I’m so completely impressed by your abstract work. It’s truly beautiful friend!

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  10. You are so clever! I love it…both of the paintings!

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  11. Amazing, I love the trees!

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  12. Wow. I love accidental brilliance…don’t you? Looks so geeat👏👏👏🔺

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  13. Wow, very cool!!! 😊

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